How to Become a Doctor in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become a doctor in BitLife.

Process of How to Join Medical School and Become a Doctor in BitLife

Becoming a doctor is a long process. To begin with, one must have a character with brilliant stats. Our character should also have completed high school with high intelligence stats. Reading books must be part of your daily routine. Additionally,  your character needs to do some side hustles to be able to afford tuition once they qualify to join university. The player can also borrow cash or try their luck on a lottery to secure funds.  

BitLife Graduate University

While enrolling in a university, your character must major in Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology. If these options are unavailable, restart the game until you see any of these majors.

After you complete university with exceptionally high grades and stats, the next destination is Medical School. This step requires your character to fully immerse themselves in studying as hard. Keeping the character’s stats at an all-time high, at least 80 percent IQ, will enable them to apply for a job after six years of Medical School. Your character should not quit unless they have earned their diploma. Under the full-time job listings, you can select either Physician, Doctor, Surgeon, or Pharmacist.

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How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife

How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife
How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife

Moreover, after you graduate from Medical School, your character will be able to apply for the Brain Surgeon position. Head to the full-time jobs listing tab and move down until you see the brain surgeon position. It is a very high-paying job; hence it should be almost at the top of your listings. Select Apply and answer the interview questions. You are now officially a brain surgeon if you successfully pass the interview.

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