How to Become a Model in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become a model in BitLife.

This career requires your character to be extremely good-looking. In terms of academics, the only requirement is that you have to graduate high school. Your character should be a female with high looks and stats. It would be best if you had a score of at least 80% for your character to have a chance at a modeling career.

Therefore, your character must maximize on attaining high looks stats. They can do this by going to the gym frequently or for walks. They can also get a tan in a tanning bed or opt to get plastic surgery to make their bodies perfect. Self-care is also vital for any model; hence, they must go to the salon regularly and get their nails done. Wax jobs are also important in maintaining the looks stats.  

Once your character completes high school, they can start looking for a modeling job. Heas to the Occupations tab and locate the Jobs section. Look for the Foot Model Job by scrolling down since it is at the lowest in the industry. After getting the Foot Model Listing, apply for the job and take the interview. After passing the interview, your character will now be a foot model.

Progressing through the modeling industry will make you pass through several phases, such as being a hand model, a catalog model, and a lingerie model. After passing all these stages, you will finally reach the runway model stage. This stage will propel you into becoming famous and a supermodel.

How to Complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife

The first step your character needs to take is to complete high school with great looks. Afterward, your character must secure a job as a model by going to the Job listings and finding any job title with the Model in it. Apply for the position and be accepted by a model.

The next task is to become a brain surgeon. This is challenging because your character is required to pursue a university education and medical school. When your character graduates high school, enroll them in a university to pursue a science degree such as biology. After completing the degree with high stats, enroll in medical school by heading to the Education tab and selecting a medical school. When you graduate from medical school, you can apply for the brain surgeon position at the full jobs postings tab.

The next task is to read Frankenstein. Go to the activities tab and head to the Mind and Body section. Select Book, and find Frankenstein. Once you have the Book, select Read and tap the Book on the screen until you finish reading it.

The last step is to have 100% looks and smarts. Smarts can be achieved by reading books, while looks are achieved by temporary methods such as getting nails done and plastic surgery.

Doing this will make you complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife.

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