BitLife: How to Panhandle (Become a Panhandler)

This page contains information on how to panhandler in BitLife.

How to Be a Panhandler in BitLife

To become a panhandler, players must be patient until their characters have aged up and finished high school before unlocking their hustle. After high school, your character can head to the Special Careers tab and select the Street Hustler Job. After that, the player must select the street they wish to be begging from and tap on the Panhandler.

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Once your character becomes a panhandler, they can take their spot on one street corner and start begging pedestrians for money. To boost your character’s panhandler skills, you must keep working hard in that field. Another great tip is to select a street with a high influx of people, giving your character a significant turnover throughout the day.

Additionally, being a panhandler does not encounter interference from the police compared to being a scam artist; hence it is a lawful endeavor.

Tips and Tricks for Being a Successful Panhandler in BitLife

The player can also customize your character’s panhandler profile, giving you options over the words written on the sign and your character’s strategy to get the most money out of people. However, the character is presented with controversial options regarding the props they will use to influence their chances of getting more money from passers-by. For instance, the ‘fake pregnant belly’ prop is a good selection because it makes pedestrians feel sympathy for you, making them give more money to your character than when you are just ordinary.

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How to Increase Your BitLife Street Hustler Skills

Whether your character chooses to be a panhandler or a scam artist, they must ensure they constantly practice their acts within the Job Tab. This significantly increases your Street Hustler Skills. Moreover, your character needs to do frequent performances and tasks to boost their skills. If your character is a scam artist, they must consider working in an area with a meager police presence and a high volume of pedestrians to prevent getting arrested.

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