How to Become King in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become king in BitLife.

Usually, there are three ways of becoming a king or a member of royalty in BitLife.

Method 1: God Mode

The first option is to use God Mode to select your royal status when creating your character. This is attained by using real-world currency. Once you have purchased God Mode, head to the New Life Menu and choose the country you would like your player to start their life in. the best countries with high chances of becoming king are Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Then your character selects the Royal Status option and chooses their status. Select the Prince option and wait until your characters’ parents have died and then inherit their throne. If not, your character can assassinate the parents to accelerate the process.

Method 2: Born Into Royalty (Without God Mode)

Another option for becoming king is selecting a country with a monarch and creating a new character. This provides a random chance that your character will be born a prince. Additionally, suppose they are born as a duke or any other royal status. In that case, your character needs to marry into the royal family or create another character until they land in the royal family.

Method 3: Marry into Royalty (Without God Mode)

The third option is achieved by dating and marrying into the royal family. This is found under the Activities tab; select the choose love and find a date option. Despite the rare odds, there is a slight chance that the person your character dates is a royal family member. When your character is wealthy and famous, they have a higher chance of meeting someone who is royalty. However, this option is not a complete guarantee of success, so your character can attempt it numerous times until it succeeds.

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