How to Complete the BitLife Harley Quinn Challenge

This page contains information on how to complete the Harley Quinn Challenge.

The Harley Quinn Challenge will make your character do the things you never thought of doing.  

How to Do the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife

The challenge comprises five critical tasks: your character must be born a female, practice gymnastics, work as a psychiatrist, rob a bank using a croquet mallet, and finally be able to escape prison.

The first task is to ensure your character is born a female in the game. This task is easy since the player ensures they have a female character. Starting as a new character is recommended since the task requires a young character.

The second task is to practice gymnastics. To do this, your character needs to check out the extracurricular activities offered in their school and join the gymnastics club. To enter the gymnastics club, your character must be in middle school. Before joining the gymnastics club, your character must be extremely fit and athletic. Your character can start going to the gym frequently, working out, and going for regular walks.

The third task is to work out as a psychiatrist. Once your character graduates high school, enroll them in the university and select psychology as a major. Also, your character needs to graduate with high grades and head to the Occupations tab to search for a psychologist job. The fastest route to employment is to be accepted as a Junior Psychiatrist. Having completed this task, you are now halfway to completing the challenge.

The fourth step is to rob a bank with a croquet mallet. This one is a bit hard because it is highly likely that your character will end up in jail. Head to the Crime tab in the game, and then head to Rob  Bank option. Ensure that the weapons of choice include a croquet mallet. Using the weapon will enable you to finish the task despite being in jail.

The final step is to escape from prison. This is the hardest part because you have to play a mini-game which entails you outsmarting the security guards. When you complete the mini-game, your character will have made it to freedom and eventually back to their everyday lives.

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