How to Complete the Euphoria Challenge in BitLife

This page contains information on how to do the Euphoria Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Five Tasks in the Euphoria Challenge

The Euphoria Challenge needs five tasks to be considered complete. These tasks are to develop an addiction, relapse after battling addiction, hook up with more than 20 people before your 20th birthday, and begin rumors about more than 5 of your friends. Finally, your character needs to assault their best friend.

The first task is to develop an addiction. The fastest way to develop an addiction is to hang around in nightclubs until you are provided with an alcohol-related event. Head to the Activities tab and scroll down until you find Nightlife. When you frequent the clubs, there is a high chance a random event will appear, notifying you that someone is offering your character an alcoholic drink. Agree, and this will highly lead to your character being an alcoholic. Once your character becomes an alcoholic, check them in a rehab center or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

The second task is to relapse after battling addiction. Once you have regained your sobriety, age your character until they are invited by a random friend to drink alcohol again. Agree to this, and you will develop another addiction.

The third task is to hook up with more than 20 people before your character reaches 20. Go to the Activities tab and navigate to the Love section. Select Hook Up and accept the offer. Your character will be presented with a pop-up that will ask whether the character would like to use protection. If you refuse, your character will likely get infected with a disease. Your character will have two years to complete the challenge.

The next task is to start rumors about more than five of your friends. Make at least five friends, inclusive of one best friend. Once you have made friends, head to the Relationships tab and choose one of your friends. Scroll down until you see the Rumor section. Click on the rumor and repeat it five times to complete the task.

The final task is to insult your best friend. Choose your character’s best friend and select the option of insulting or starting a rumor about them. There is a high chance your character’s best friend will confront them. Also, your character can choose to engage in conversations with their best friend until they resort to arguments. In the argument, choose the assault option, and you will have completed the Euphoria Challenge.

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