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How to Complete the Picking Up the Pieces Side-Quest in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

This page explains how you could finish the “Picking Up the Pieces” side-quest in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

What is the “Picking Up the Pieces” side-quest?

Playing through Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and by more or less level 19, you will come across an optional quest that asks you to pick up organic parts of an eye, aptly called “Picking Up the Pieces”.

For disclosure, and a bit of a spoiler, the eyepieces in question are that of the eye of a certain Destroyer. Therefore, are large enough for them to be spotted quite easily wherever they may be.

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How to Complete the Picking Up the Pieces Side-Quest

Kicking off the side-quest requires that the player head off to the Lunar Launching Station where the first chunk of the eye can be found. Specifically, in one of the pillars of the place. Choose to pick it up to kickstart the side-quest.

As soon as the player opted to accept the quest, Jack will make a call asking for the remaining eyepieces that lay scattered across places. All in all, there are three, making for the task of finding the remaining two others.

With the mini-map as a guide, players are led to where the items of interest are. The one around the Northern part of the map is easy enough to find and gather. The same can also be said for the last piece but is made only slightly trickier to find considering its higher location. But nothing that a successful traversing across a diagonal pillar cannot fix.

Having all three parts on hand, the player is then tasked to follow directions, which revolves around navigating the Research and Development, reconstructing the gargantuan eye, and ultimately destroying it, according to Jack’s instruction, of course.

With that done, head back to Jack to finish the side-quest and claim your prize.

What’s the reward?

Completing the optional quest grants you 1763 XP and five moonstones.

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