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How to Earn the Pacifist Medal in CoD Mobile

This page contains information on how to earn the Pacifist Medal in CoD Mobile.  

One must rank in the top ten to obtain this medal without killing any single player. The challenge must be completed in the battle royale mode only, and your character cannot get the medal through other modes, such as the Warfare mode. Despite the challenge seeming easy, it is one of the most complex challenges.

Pacifist Medal
Pacifist Medal

Tips and Tricks to Earn the Pacifist Medal in CoD Mobile

This challenge requires players to depend on their survival skills to earn the medal. This is hard because you cannot return fire and kill enemy players if attacked. One of the common tricks is to play the game in squads and request them to cover for you. Using this technique will make the player get zero kills, but his squad teammates can kill the rest of the enemies and rank up their position. Moreover, this method requires clear communication and cooperation between players in the team to achieve the medal.

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When playing solo mode, the surest way to be a pacifist is to get into a vehicle, preferably a helicopter, and wander across the map to stay alive until the end of the game. Another way is teaming up with random players, making them create a cover for you. This will increase your probability of making it to the top ten without any kills.

Players must also stock heavily on medical supplies, adrenaline shots, and energy drinks to be able to use them throughout the game and protect themselves from the danger zone. Having good bulletproof vests is also vital. Smoke grenades and flashbangs are also crucial since they enable your character to prevent being killed by enemies by tricking them. Another essential asset in your pursuit of the Pacifist Medal is equipping yourself with classes such as airborne or ninja, which will come in handy when you are being cornered by enemies, enabling you to escape without being killed.

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