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How to Get the Relentless Medal in CoD Mobile

This page contains information on how to get the Relentless Medal in CoD Mobile.

Obtaining the relentless medal in CoD Mobile is one of the most complex challenges. It requires players to have 20 kills without being killed. There are many ways to obtain the medal, such as using top-tier assault and sniper rifles and joining lobbies where bots can quickly join to get kills and quick eliminations.

Relentless Medal
Relentless Medal

Tips and Tricks for Winning the Relentless Medal in CoD Mobile

The first thing to do is to play non-ranked multiplayer matches. This strategy is best applied after every massive update of the game since not many people will be able to update the game immediately, making the servers have lesser players. In turn, the game will have to resort to filling the servers with bots. Bots are the easiest to kill since they are easily spotted through their lousy gaming style. Players can easily spot the bots and kill them throughout the match. Despite having many bots, players should also be wary of real players and try to be alive until they achieve 20 kills so that they can earn the Relentless Medal.

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Another technique is using the scorestreaks. Whenever given a chance, players must fully utilize the scorestreaks to kill enemies because they are powerful and can kill enemies from a distance using one shot.

Another way is to play it safely during the game. Players should be aware and cautious of their surroundings. Each map that has the multiplayer feature has a safe spot. When players are searching for potential targets, it is wise to hide in these spots and not rush to areas prone to fighting.

The most common method of achieving the Relentless Medal is to use weapons with a high fire rate to enable the easy killing of enemy players. These weapons come with a lot of ammunition. If properly used, they can be used to knock down and kill multiple players using one full magazine round. Such powerful weapons include the Fennec SMG, which can be used together with the Akimbo perk to double the damage and firepower.  

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