The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

How to Fast Travel With Boats in Witcher 3 (on Console and PC)

This page contains information about The Witcher 3 fast travel boat.

Can you fast travel with boats in Witcher 3?

Boats are one of the most common means of transport in the game. They are used for sailing across the map. However, when boats are damaged, they can sink. On the other hand, boats are also used in the game for fast traveling, but only to destinations next to a water body.

For your character to fast travel, open the World Map and select travel to any point marked with an anchor symbol.

How to Fast Travel on PC

To fast travel, board the boat and then take the helm by pressing E. to move forward, press W. to fast travel, press the world map and tap on the point next to the sea which you would like to travel and place the anchor symbol next to it. You will be taken to the place in an instant.

How to Fast Travel on PS4

To board a boat, walk right onto them. X is for taking the helm, and O is for leaving the helm. Use the left joystick to steer the boat and X to accelerate.

To use a boat for fast traveling, open the World Map and press on any destination marked with an anchor, and you will be able to fast travel.

Witcher 3: How to Sail

Sailing a boat is smooth but risky since there are many threats at sea. For starters, your character should avoid shallow waters because the boat may be damaged and sink after regular damage from rocks in shallow places.

Also, players should be careful that the place where they are docking is not shallow since it may cause damage, or the boat may not be able to sail again if grounded on the shallow shores.

Another risk is there are Drowners and Sirens in the water. To prevent your characters from drowning by sea monsters, they have no option but to multitask by steering and defending the boat using a crossbow.

They can shoot a crossbow while steering at the boat’s helm using the R1 button on their controller. Because sailing makes Geralt less deadly, he must approach all threats using the same technique of firing with a crossbow.

The crossbow has an auto-aim feature that enables accurate shooting of enemies. Also, watch out for any hostiles by looking at the map. Enemies will be shown with red dots. Additionally, sound can also help your character identify any hostiles. Typically, you will hear loud water splashes when sirens or drowners emerge from the water and begin rocking your boat.

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