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Witcher 3: Axe vs. Sword (Why Are Axes So Much More Powerful?)

This page contains information on Axes vs. Sword in The Witcher 3.

The battle axe and sword are both powerful weapons in the game. Each of them is useful and has its unique strengths and weaknesses.


Axe vs. Sword

Witcher 3 Axe
Witcher 3 Axe

The battle axe has more severe damage and a better chance of hitting critical hits than swords. Axes also have a slower speed for attacking enemies. They also are heavier than swords, making them difficult to carry.

On the other hand, swords are more flexible. They are faster than blunt axes, allowing the player ample time to perform faster strikes and deadly combos. Swords also have special abilities, like inflicting extra damage on enemies and deflecting attacks.

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When choosing between the two weapons, it all depends on the preference of the players. The battle axe is the most suitable weapon for players who like barbarian and heavy weapons. The sword is most suitable for players who prefer the flexible nature of weapons.

Why Is the Axe More Powerful Than the Sword in Witcher 3?

The battle axe is more potent because it has more damage power compared to swords due to their heavy weight, making Geralt do more damage to enemies. Moreover, axes have a critical hit modifier compared to swords. Therefore, they have a better chance of inflicting critical damage on opponents.

Witcher 3 Best Axe

Velen Axe
Velen Axe

Depending on the player’s gameplay and preferences, various axes are termed as the best in the game. One of the axes is the Velen Axe. It is a one-handed weapon with very high stats, inflicting heavy damage on enemies and a critical hit bonus.

For players to obtain the axe, they must venture into the northern region of Velen near Lornruk. When they reach there, they must defeat a Wyvern that protects the chest containing the Axe. After the Wyvern has been eliminated, the Velen Axe will be yours to use during combat.

Dwarven Axe
Dwarven Axe

The other Axe is the Dwarven Axe. It is a powerful and reliable weapon used in fights. It inflicts significant damage to both humans and monsters. It can cut through the toughest of armors with its sharp blade.

Moreover, the Axe can be upgraded to make it twice as deadly and have more critical hit damage. It is perfect for players who prefer using a slow but impactful weapon during combat.

Other axes include the Wild Hint Warrior Axe, Pickaxe, and Blunt Axe.

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Witcher 3: Best Non-Sword Weapons

Apart from axes and swords, plenty of non-sword weapons are available for players in the game.


The Witcher 3: Crossbow
The Witcher 3: Crossbow

One of the best weapons is the crossbow. It is a potent weapon that can eliminate enemies from a medium-range distance and kill flying enemies.


Another weapon is Witcher potions. They can be created and consumed to give Geralt advanced abilities to make him more formidable to his enemies.

Throwing Daggers

Additionally, throwing daggers are also another non-sword weapon. They can be used to kill enemies from a distance, making them vital in boosting Geralt’s strength during combat.

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