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Witcher 3: Reason of State Bug (Solved)

This page contains information about the Witcher 3 Reason of State bug.

The Reason of State bug is an issue whereby the quest with the same name does not update correctly, preventing players from finishing it. This can happen when players take a very long time to save Dijkstra in the dungeon or if they eliminate Radovid before he is rescued.

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Unluckily, there has not been any solution to this bug apart from reloading a previous save and trying the quest again. This method has proven successful for some players using the game’s PC version.


How to Fix the Reason of State Bug

The first step in fixing the bug is to check the game’s website for any updates or patches which have been released to solve the issue. When there are updates, ensure you install them and restart the game.

Another solution is to troubleshoot the system of hardware settings of your device. You can also be on the lookout for any overheating issues or incompatible drivers. Also, you and change your system settings to default and play check to see if the bug issue is solved.

If the game is causing issues with a specific website, try and clear your browser cookies and cache, or alternatively, use a different browser.

Witcher 3: Reason of State Best Choice

The quest Reason of State entails the main character, Geralt, being forced to decide between helping Vernon Roche or Dijkstra in their pursuit of destabilizing the rule of emperor Emhyr var Emreis. There is no better decision since it solely depends on the values and beliefs of the players.

However, suppose Geralt decides to help Roche. In that case, he will assist in destabilizing Emhyr’s grasp of the northern region, resulting in a prosperous and democratic future. On the other hand, it will lead to the death of many civilians, making the future bleak and uncertain.

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If Geralt decides to help Dijkstra, he ensures the emperor stays in power, making the north peaceful. On the other hand, he will also promote the ruthless reign of the emperor, leaving the north at the mercy of a ruthless leader.

Therefore, it is the player’s choice to decide the path that aligns best with their morals and the type of world they would wish to build in the game.

Witcher 3: When to Do Reason of State

The quest becomes available in the last part of the game. Therefore, it is wise that you finish all other quests and storylines before embarking on the Reason of State. Doing this will make you better comprehend the game’s plot, enabling you to make an intelligent decision during the quest. However, the decision to do the quest is entirely left to the player to decide.

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