The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: Help Resolve the Matter of the Succession to the Skellige Throne

This page contains information on help in resolving the matter of succession to the Skellige throne.

Succession to the Skellige throne is complicated because it involves political alliances. Therefore, there are a few factors to consider when resolving the issue. The first point to note is that the succession of the throne involved voting among the rulers of the different regions of Skellige, known as Jarls. They vote to select a new king or queen.

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This means that many candidates fight for the throne, forming pacts and alliances between the candidates of the various Jarls to change the vote in their favor. In the game, players can support Cerys or Hjalmar, two likely heirs to the throne.

Therefore, players can aid one of them in becoming the new ruler. This amplifies its complexity, and the decision rests solely on the political situation and choices of the people involved in the succession.

Does It Matter Who Becomes King of Skellige?

Yes, it does matter who becomes the king of Skellige. This is because the choices made by the leader significantly impact the people and the resources of the land.

The king is responsible for maintaining good trading relationships, making sure his people are safe and not faced with any threat. He also managed the kingdom’s resources and acted as the negotiator with the neighboring kingdoms. Therefore, it is essential for the king to be wise and fair to bring prosperity and peace to the region.

On the other hand, having a foolish and corrupt king will result in the kingdom’s downfall, leading to chaos and violence.  

Is It Better to Help Cerys or Hjalmar?

Brothers in Arms is one of the quests in the game whereby your character is tasked with gathering allies to aid you in fighting against the Wild Hunt. You must recruit three potential friends, Hjalmar, Svanrige, and Cerys.

First, you have to finish the main quest, The King is Dead: Long Live the King. After finishing the quest, you must also complete The Lord of Undvik quest to befriend and recruit Hjalmar.

To recruit Svanrige, you must complete The King is Dead quest and make the correct decisions during the quest’s dialogue. The final person you need to recruit is Cerys. To do this, you must complete the Possession quest on Ard Skellig. After befriending all the three allies, head back to Djikstra in Novigrad.

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