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Is It Better to Let Cerys Win the Race? Witcher 3

This page contains information on whether it is better to let Cerys win the race in Witcher 3.

Cerys is a member of the Skellige race in the game. In The King is Dead, Long Live The King quest, there is a part whereby your character will be tasked with racing Cerys.

The part of racing Cerys happens when your character and Yenn enter the hall and are met with one of the ushers. Your character sits with Cerys and other  Skelligers competing for the crown. The following conversation will result in players being allowed to race Cerys for an extra 150XP.

The good part is that the bonus will be earned whether your character emerges victorious or not. The race’s resulting winner will enable Cerys to boost her reputation among the Skelligers. So the race does not have much impact on the player if it is lost to Cerys.


Should You Race Cerys in Witcher 3?

The decision of whether or not you should race Cerys depends on your preferences and style of gaming. Racing Cerys is a fun and entertaining event. However, it is not a compulsory event since it does not play a role in the progression of the game’s main storyline.

When you participate in the race, you can earn extra points and enjoy the thrill of the competition. On the other hand, if you do not want to race, you can skip it, and there will be no consequences for your character or the storyline.

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What Happens if Cerys Wins the Race in Witcher 3?

When Cerys wins in the game, it will lead to a different outcome of the Long Live the King quest. When she wins, she will become the new queen of Skellige and be tasked with uniting all clans and improving their living standards for the people.

In the secondary quest, Fists of Fury, when Cerys manages to win the race, she asks Geralt to help her obtain the money stolen from her purse, which she lost while racing him. Helping her find the lost purse will enable you to receive a reward.

Witcher 3 Long Live the King Choices

In the quest Long Live the King, there are various choices that the player can make that will affect the quest’s outcome. The first choice is talking to either Radovid or Phillipa.

If you decide to talk to Radovid, you must do an additional task for him, which will result in you earning his trust. On the other hand, if you talk to Phillipa, you will have an easier time finishing the mission’s primary objective.

Another choice you must make is to warn either Roche or Dijkstra. When you make your way to the secret meeting, you will be given two options of warning either of the characters about the incoming ambush. When you decide to warn Roche, you will earn his loyalty. On the other hand, warning Dijkstra will make him more cautious of your presence.

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