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Witcher 3: How to Enable Windowed Mode and Borderless Mode

This page contains information on Witcher 3 windowed mode.

How to Put Witcher 3 in Windowed Mode

To enable the windowed mode in Witcher 3, you must first launch the game and head to the Options menu. Select the Graphics option and move down until you see the Display mode. In this section, change the option from Fullscreen mode to Fullscreen Windowed. Confirm the changes and restart the game. Doing this will make the game start in windowed mode instead of fullscreen mode.

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How to Put Witcher 3 in Windowed Borderless Mode

The first step is launching the game and heading to the main menu. Click on the Options and then the Video part. Depending on your preference, tap on the Display Mode and select Fullscreen or Windowed Fullscreen.

If you choose the Fullscreen option, the game will adjust to your device’s highest resolution. To adjust the resolution, click on Resolution and select the one you desire. Click on Apply to save the changes.

Witcher 3 Borderless Window Not Working

When the borderless window is not working in the game, there are some solutions you can try to fix the issue. First, ensure your graphics card drivers have been updated to the latest version. If not, go ahead and visit the website of your device’s manufacturer and install the latest updates.

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The other option is exiting the game and heading to the installation folder. There, you will find the file names user.settings, and tap to open it using a text editor. Search for fullscreen=true and change it to become fullscreen=false.

This will change the game to run in windowed mode. Moreover, you will need to disable any third-party software you may be using since they may be the reason for the interference with your game’s windowed mode.

You may try to launch using the borderless mode from the game’s options. If the problem does not stop, switch it to windowed mode and back again to borderless mode.

Should I Play Witcher 3 in Borderless Window or Full Screen?

If you have a powerful computer and want to enjoy the game with the best graphics and performance, using the full-screen mode would be better.

On the other hand, if you want to be able to effortlessly switch between the game and various windows without minimizing or closing the game, it is preferable to use the borderless windowed mode.  

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