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The Witcher 3: “to Bait a Forktail” Bug (Solved)

This page contains information about Witcher 3 to bait a forktail bug.

Where Is Eskel in To Bait a Forktail?


The first stage is to use the Witcher senses to follow the horse tracks. Continue downhill, across the stream, and along the route. Ascend the rocky slope until you come upon Eskel’s horse, Scorpion.

After spotting the horse, examine the area around the horse to see if you can spot the tracks using your Witcher senses. To proceed, investigate the human prints on the ground next to Scorpion. These are Eskel’s prints; therefore, you must follow them up the mountain until they are no longer visible on the ground.

Where Can I Find a Forktail?


Using your Witcher senses, observe around the base of a tree, and you will see a small clump of goat hair.

Follow the scent of the route up the mountain using your Witcher senses. You will come across wolves along the journey and must kill them. Then you’ll notice Eskel’s track again. Eskel will emerge from the bushes if you follow them.

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Shortly after, the forktail will emerge as well after being drawn by the scent of the goat.

How Do You Bait a Forktail?

Head to the clearing and begin attacking the forktail. The creature has several moves up its sleeve. The first move is that it will try to shoot venom at you. Alternatively, it may decide to charge you. When it is at close range to you, it will jump in the air and try to rip you apart with its claws.

When the forktail leaps into the air, track it up the mountain using the objective marker and halt when you arrive at the rock ledge ahead. Climb onto the ledge and activate your Witcher senses. Look at the stains of blood and climb onto the second ledge. Head inside the cave along the mountain path, where you will follow a tunnel until you spot the creature.

How to Fix the To Bait a Forktail Bug

The first step is to ensure your game is up to date and has the latest patch. Additionally, you can reload your saved file or restart the game to check if the matter is resolved. Another approach is to use a different bait type and approach the Forktail.

Another way to fix the bug is to verify your files using the gaming platform’s settings. Doing this will be able to fix any missing or corrupted files.

If none of these solutions work, you can try and contact the game’s customer support or seek help in online community forums to aid you in fixing the bug.

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Should I Take a Prize From Eskel?

Yes. Kill the creature and after it is dead, go and speak with Eskel to extract the forktail’s spinal fluid. After extracting the substance, head back to Kaer Morhen.

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