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How to Get a Higher Multiplier in Subway Surfers

This page contains information on how to get a higher multiplier in Subway Surfers.

Players’ score in the game is directly related to their score multipliers. In the game, temporary and permanent score multipliers will enable your character to be at the top of the leaderboards or successfully become the best player among friends.

When you begin playing the game, your multiplier will be 1x, insufficient to make you reach the high scores. Players can permanently boost their multipliers by playing the game and completing its various missions. Players are taken to the next level when they successfully complete a mission. An increase in levels will result in an increase in the score multiplier, which can increase to 30 times.

30x multiplier is the limit for the game, and players cannot obtain more than this limit at any time during the game without additional event score multipliers.

Regarding the temporary multipliers, there are methods players can implement to enable them to boost their multipliers beyond 30x, despite them being temporary boosts.

How to Increase Multipliers

One significant way is through power-ups. These increase your multiplier temporarily. One of the power-ups is the 2X Multiplier power-up. The Score Booster Power-Up can be either x5 or x7, depending on the number of players using it.

Another factor that can significantly boost your scores is participating in events. If you are playing at the correct time, they offer immense advantages to the players. One major event is the Multiplier Bonus event on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It rewards players with a 3x Score Booster. The event can be joined depending on when the Subway Surfers World Tour is set in the various time zones.

 The other method of increasing multipliers is through using the Super Mysterizer. The object appears as a purple question mark during the Mystery Monday event. When players manage to get it, their multiplier will significantly increase by a whooping ten levels for a fixed timeline.

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