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What Are Score Boosters in Subway Surfers

This page contains information on what score boosters are in Subway Surfers.

Score Boosters are power-ups introduced in the game during the Rio event. The boosters cost about 3,000 in-game coins and can be obtained through the Mystery Box or the Super Mystery Box, and it is a scarce item. Another way to obtain score boosters is through Weekly Hunts. The purpose of the score boosters is to increase the player’s multipliers by a multiple of 5, 6, or 7 until the end of the player’s run.

How to Get a High Subway Surfers Score

The first tip for obtaining a high score is to build up your character’s score multiplier. When you start playing the game, your multiplier always begins at x1. The multiplier will level up when your character beats specific missions until they reach x30. The missions that require you to beat include collecting a set number of icons, jumping several times, and collecting particular power-ups along the railway tracks.

Another tip is to upgrade your character’s power-ups. Items that guarantee an increase in your score include the Coin Magnet, Jet Pack, and 2x Multiplier. The Coin Magnet enables your character to pick up coins you run past, even if they are not located within the lane you are running into. The Jet Pack launches your character above the trains and onto the electric wires, enabling you to collect as many coins as you want without any obstacles.

Another essential item that enables your character to get a high score in the game is using a hoverboard. They can be bought with coins or obtained by winning prize boxes. Hoverboards have a lifespan of 30 seconds and have the extra advantage of shielding your character when they hit an object while running. It is recommended that the player have a sufficient stock of hoverboards in their inventories to use in emergencies.

Keys are also crucial in ensuring your character does not start again when hitting an object. Keys are located when running along the train tracks, in mystery boxes, and also from Weekly Missions. Keys should only be used when you hit something without a board.

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