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What Is the Rarest Board in Subway Surfers

This page contains information on what is the rarest board in Subway Surfers.

Windglider Hoverboard

One of the rarest hoverboards is the Windglider. This hoverboard protects players from crashing while running for 30 seconds. When a player crashes, the hoverboard will explode and require charging for seconds before being used again. The hoverboard was introduced to fame during the Tokyo update. It is the most expensive and non-limited hoverboard in Subway Surfers.

Windglider Subway Surfers
Windglider Hoverboard – Subway Surfers

The Windglider looks similar to that a hoverboard formed with a glider. At the lower part, it has a blue and white color, and on its side, two enormous wings emerge from the bottom. It has an extraordinary power known as the Smooth Drift, an ability where when a player jumps up, the two wings appear, making the character gradually glide back down to the ground for some seconds. Additionally, once you activate the super sneakers, the hoverboard will glide even higher, allowing you to go over trains and other significant obstacles.

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It is the most expensive hoverboard in Subway Surfers, costing a whooping 360,000 coins, followed closely by the Lowrider, Hot Rod, and Bouncer.

Dragon Hoverboard

Dragon Hoverboard - Subway Surfers
Dragon Hoverboard – Subway Surfers

Another rare and limited hoverboard is the Dragon. It was released during the Beijing update, and to obtain it, players had to gather 60 little dragons during the last week of the Dragon Hunt. The hoverboard looks like a red and yellow dragon with a wave-like body. It is comprised of vibrant colors with essential attention to the details of its scales.

Apart from the Beijing Event, the Dragon also appeared on the Hing Kong update during the Moon Festival. Players needed 30 keys to unlock it. It also reappeared during the Wild Wednesday event as a special prize during the Chinese New Year special.

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