How to Get Exiled as Royalty in BitLife (Napoleon Achievement)

This page contains information on how to get exiled in BitLife.

How to Become Royalty in BitLife

The step to achieve before being exiled is to become royalty. Becoming a royal member of society requires the character to use God Mode and select their royal status. Alternatively, your character can be randomly born as a member of the royal family or marry into the royals and become a member.

How to Lower the Royalty Respect Bar in BitLife

After becoming royalty, your character will now have a public respect bar under the Activities tab, head to the royalty tab, where the player can see the public respect bar beneath their title. In the Royalty tab, there are options like Public Disservice and Execution. Your character needs to perform these acts repeatedly to lower their respect bar.

Additionally, your character needs to partake in other vices to lower the respect bar further. Engage in conflicts, show no respect to people around you, and indulge in petty crimes. In the Activities tab, your character will see an option of being Famous. On clicking this option, the payer can choose which task to undertake, with one posing naked for a magazine. Doing this is a sure way of throwing your respect into the mud. Constantly doing this will eventually get you exiled. You can boost your exile by committing murders which will instantly get you exiled from the royal family.

How to Earn the Napoleon Achievement in BitLife

Firstly, your character needs to open the Royalty achievements and go haywire. Conduct repeated mass executions of people without any reason. This will get your character’s respect bar to zero and cast them out of the royal family in exile.

By doing this, you will have achieved exile and the Napoleon Achievement.  

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