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How to Get the Axe in COD Mobile

This page contains information on how to get the axe in COD Mobile.

The axe is a deadly weapon with maximum damage when thrown at a radius of 35. Therefore, its high accuracy makes it an excellent close-range weapon. When using the axe, slide near the enemy and strike them so hard that they do not get an opportunity to strike back. The axe has many rare skins which can be unlocked after players complete challenges in the game.

The axe can be obtained in the Heavy Duty part of the seasonal challenges of Season 11. The axe is immediately unlocked when a player completes the second heavy-duty mission. The time taken to complete the mission ranges from fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the skill and concentration of the player.

How to Get the Gold Axe in COD Mobile

The axe also has some exclusive skins, including the Gold Axe. After getting the axe, the next step is to work for the Gold skin. First, the player needs to level up the axe by using the Weapon XP cards or trying to eliminate as many enemy players as possible. When killing enemies, use the Double Weapon XP so that you get two times the number of XP, eventually aiding you in faster leveling up of the axe. After the axe is upgraded to the maximum level, the player must finish all objectives. Once the player has finished all objectives and upgraded all of the camouflages of the axe, the remaining task is to play another suit in order to unlock the Gold Skin. Playing a brief match like Deathmatch will do the trick, and you will see the Gold Axe Skin in the gunsmith.

How to Get the Diamond Camo Axe in COD Mobile

After obtaining the Gold Axe, players can now go ahead and get the Diamond Camo Axe. This can be gotten by killing 500 enemy players using the Gold Axe, after which the Diamond Axe will be automatically unlocked.

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