How to Join the Mafia in BitLife

This page contains information on how to join the Mafia in BitLife. Joining the Mafia and climbing its ranks is a sure way to obtain money and live a fast paced-life full of luxury.

How to Join the Mafia in BitLife for Free

The first requirement is that the player’s character must be 18 years and above. Afterward, you head over to the Occupations tab and tap on the Special Careers option under the Occupations tab. In this section, you will see the various specialized obs you are able to select as your career path. Select the Organised Crime option to know the mafia families available for you to choose from.

Currently, in the game, there are six mafia families which characters can choose from. The families include the Irish Mob, The Yakuza, The Triad, The Latin Mafia, The Mafia, and The Russian Mob. The next step is you select one of the six families to join and voila! You are now a member of the Mafia.

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How Do I Prove Myself to the Mafia In BitLife?

For a character to prove themselves to the Mafia, they must opt to partake in criminal activities such as pickpocketing and violent crime from a young age. Doing this will give you a solid criminal background.

Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Mafia Boss in BitLife

The most important tip is to never ask for any sort of promotion from your bosses. This will make you seem like a nuisance to the mafia, hence decreasing your chances of ever climbing up the ranks.

Try conducting some train robberies, which have high rewards and high chances of propelling you to higher ranks within the Mafia.

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Another tip is to learn how to expose others as rats. Doing so will make you foster good relationships with other Mafia members. However, wrongly ratting someone will have dire consequences so the players should do so carefully.

How to Find Out Who Is the Rat in a Mafia Family in BitLife

A telltale sign of a rat is one who tried to get unusually close to you when you join the mafia. Also, when you accuse someone of being a rat, they deny it immediately and use it against you. Therefore, the rat may try to finish you before you can tell the rest of the mafia.

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