How to Read Frankenstein in BitLife

Frankenstein is a 300-page horror story that your character can read as an adult in BitLife. It cannot be read as a child since it contains some graphic scenes. Hence your character needs to be at least 18 years.

At What Age Can You Read Frankenstein in BitLife?

To start reading Frankenstein, age up your character first up to 18 because children are less likely to have access to a longer book. So your character should keep frequenting the library and put more effort into school as they age to become a teenager.

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Additionally, the higher your smart stats, the more likely you will get long and complex books. Once your character finally turns 18 years, head to the Activities tab and then to the Mind and Body section. Tap on the drop-down menu, and your character will be presented with various books. Frankenstein will not be seen first, so you press X and close the window. Choose Book again, and your character will have access to another new list of books. Doing this will eventually lead your character to find Frankenstein on the list.

How to Read Books Faster in BitLife

However, Frankenstein is a relatively long book, so the player needs to tap through the 300-plus pages to complete the reading. You can opt to flutter two or three fingers on your phone to speed up the reading process. After going through all 335 pages, you will have officially completed reading Frankenstein and completed a task in the Brains and Beauty Challenge.

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