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How to Make Zhongli’s Misty Garden Tea Drink in Genshin Impact

This page explains how to make Zhongli’s favorite drink.

What is Zhongli’s preferred sip?

Genshin Impact rolled out the Of Drink A-Dreaming event, which gives players the ability to make drinks using Foundation items as well as flavorings. But with varying customers to consider, not to mention their unique tastes, there is no cookie-cutter approach to the occasion. One particular customer named Zhongli, in this case, stood out for wanting his drink, specifically a Misty Garden Tea, to be extra diverse—he wants it ‘strong’.

What’s Misty Garden Tea’s original recipe?

To make the Misty Garden Tea, all the players need are three Teas as ingredients. However, the resulting tea from this combination seems pretty average-tasting, especially for somebody who has a preference for a stronger tea as Zhongli.

“One Misty Garden, please. I take my tea strong,” per Zhongli during an interaction while in the event.

How to make the Misty Garden Tea (strong) variant?

If three Teas as Foundational items make a typical Misty Garden Tea, then maybe adding more of the same in the formula is bound to make a more potent-flavored desired tea. Fortunately, that is indeed the case. All it requires is to mix four or five Teas to make the needed iteration of the Misty Garden Tea.

How much Misty Garden Tea (strong) is to give to Zhongli?

Apart from getting the formula right, another concern that players are faced with is the amount of tea to give to Zhongli. As it appears, the spear-wielding playable Geo character is quite an above-average tea drinker in that he likes to consume a medium cup of the drink—or does he?

While the volume of tea that the character consumes is debatable, consequently, giving him a medium-sized cup of tea will complete his request and will let you proceed through the rest of the event.

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