How to Update PUBG Mobile

This page contains information on how to update PUBG Mobile.

The PUBG Mobile update was officially released worldwide on 4th January 2023 on the Google Play Store and App Store. The update will consume 699 MB of internal storage on Android phones and 2GB on iPhones. Therefore, it is recommended that players have adequate storage on their devices.

Android and iOS: How to Update PUBG Mobile

The first step to update the game is to enter their mobile stores, Google Play Store, or the App Store. Head to the search bar and type in PUBG Mobile. Tap on the first option and click on the Install or Update button to download the latest version of the game. Once the update has finished downloading, grant the application permission to use your device’s microphone and storage.

Once you have installed the game, sign in using your social media handles, Google Play Games, or Facebook. Head to the Download section and update the various resource packages and extended files. These files contain the game’s maps, graphics, and various items.

Similarly, you follow the same procedure to update the game if you play using a PC.

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What to Do if You Can’t Find the PUBG Mobile Update

Additionally, suppose the update is not available in the mobile stores. You can try downloading it by heading to your browser and manually searching for a PUBG Mobile update. Download the APK and install it on your mobile phone.

Features of the New PUBG Mobile Update

The game’s updates contain new gameplay improvements and fix some bugs. Also, the update features a new system that significantly improves the accuracy of guns when firing, a new technique for reloading weapons, and more fantastic graphics and smoothness when playing compared to the previous version. The new mode, the Martial Showdown, entails new and exciting features such as the Martial Arts Arena, Grappling Hook, and a new transport mode known as the Dancing Lion.

Luckily, this new update has been positively received by players worldwide, making them excited to see their favorite game getting better and better.

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