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How to Use Tank Skills in CoD Mobile

This page contains information on how to use tank skills in CoD Mobile.

Tank skills can be used while playing the Tank Battle Mode. Players must assemble their tanks and correctly add attachments to make them deadly in this mode.

To assemble the tank, players must first collect the many pieces of equipment of tanks and assemble them to create a functional tank. These include the tank chassis, engine, primary and secondary weapons, and tank armor. These components are stored in the backpack, and you can also view the parts collected by your teammates. After collecting all five components, the tank can be summoned using the airdrop.

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External attachments such as the machine gun and missile launcher can be added to the tank, although they will make it heavy and hard to drive. This, in turn, makes the tank an easy target for your opponents.

When your tank is damaged, you can repair it at the various repair stations across the map. The welding gun is a valuable feature that has been newly added that allows players to fix their damaged tanks.

How to Complete Built Like a Tank Event in CoD Mobile

The event entails missions that players have to complete to win in-game rewards.

These missions include playing one match in Battle Royale Tank Battle Mode, killing five enemies with a tank, entering the top ten in Tank Mode, traveling a total of 1500 meters with a tank in Tank Mode, surviving the Tank Battle for fifteen minutes, use the tank skills five times in Tank Battle Mode and repair the tank five times in the mode.

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After players have completed these missions, they will get battle points which will be used to unlock rewards such as the Weapon XP Card, which boosts the weapon XP by 500 points. Players will also receive 300 credits which can be used to buy items from the store. Additionally, they can receive skins in the form of rewards, such as the Ripped Camo  Skin for the EMP drone. This helpful machine can be an essential asset during the game. Other skins include the Crisis camos skin for ATV and the Crisis uniform for Elite PMC.

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