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What Is a Shorty in CoD Mobile? Explained

This page contains information on what a Shorty is in COD Mobile.

The Shorty is a secondary shotgun with double barrels and was introduced in the game during the COD Mobile Season 5 updates. It is a lethal sawed-off shotgun when used at close range.

To unlock the Shorty gun, players must compete in seasonal events and missions. One of these events is the Sawed-Off Shenanigans Seasonal Event. The first task is to play three matches in any mode, and your character will receive x200 credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP. The player must also kill ten enemies with a shotgun equal to 2000XP. Another task is to loot five shotguns in Battle Royale matches, and you shall be awarded 25XP weapon cards and 2000 Battle Pass XP. The next task is to kill fifteen enemies with BY15. Completing these tasks will enable you to unlock the Shorty gun.

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Features and Stats of the Shorty Gun

The Shorty gun has a damage rate of 96, fire rate of 34, range of 38, mobility of 105, the accuracy of 52, and control of 40. When the gun is fired, eight pellets are released. Each bullet initially damages 28 to the enemy and 20 for seven meters. Each pellet is shaped like a pentagon, in which there are five bullets in the corners and three inside. The three bullets hit very close to where you are aiming and usually hit the target. The other five bullets rarely hit the target at close range because they spread out when fired. Therefore, the gun is deadly at close range compared to being distant. When the enemy is close, one shot can kill them.

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Best Loadout and Attachments for Shorty Gun

For the muzzle, the best attachment is the Marauder Suppressor. The best stock to attach to the Shorty Gun is the YKM Combat Stock. Lasers help to aim, and the best laser attachment is the MIP Laser 5mW. For the guard, the DWC Stable is the best attachment. The best perk is undoubtedly the Speed Up Kill.

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