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Witcher 3: Quen Intensity Explained (Uses, Duration, How-to Get)

This page contains information about Witcher 3 Quen intensity.

Quen is a magical sign used by witchers. It creates a protective shield that prevents lethal waves and other attacks from damaging them. When playing the game, Quen can be used to purchase more time to regain lost strength by resting under the protective shield.

How to use the Quen Sign

To use the Quen sign in the game, right-click on your character and ensure you have adequate endurance. When the sign is invoked when your character does not have any light source, it can act as a good light source to see in dark caves. When the Quen sign is activated, it lasts for about forty seconds at the primary level.

To use the Quen sign on the console, press and hold the LB button if you use the Xbox or press the L1 button for PS4/PS5 consoles. While you are holding the buttons, press the Square button on Xbox or the X button on PS4/PS5. Doing this will activate the Quen sign.

Is Quen Intensity Worth It?

Investing in Quen intensity is good because having the skill boosts the intensity of the Quen sign. Moreover, it also makes your physical damage reduction a lot higher. Therefore, it is of much help when in battle.

How Do I Make My Quen Last Longer in Witcher 3?

You can upgrade the Quen using the ability points in the character menu to make it last longer. Under the Signs section, some options are available to make the Quen last longer.

One of the options is the active shield. This feature boosts the duration of Quen by five seconds. Quen Intensity is another feature that increases the amount of damage that can be absorbed by the Quen, making it last longer indirectly.

The exploding shield converts Quen into a deadly offensive weapon that can damage nearby enemies when it breaks and increases its duration by three seconds.

Ami Relic Sword
Ami Relic Sword

One item that affects Quen’s intensity is the Ami, a relic silver sword. Its effects include a +300 armor piercing and an additional 30 percent Quen sign intensity. The Anathema is another silver sword with a Quen intensity of between five and fifteen percent.

Bleidd, a silver sword available during the primary campaign, has a Quen intensity of ten percent. Another silver sword is the Casues Foereris which is available during Blood and Wine. It has a Quen intensity of fifteen percent.

Great Sun Armor
Great Sun Armor

Besides swords having Quen intensity, other items also have various degrees of Quen intensity. The Witcher’s armor, known as the Great Sun Armor, has a twenty percent Quen intensity. It is a vital chest armor resistant to piercing damage by 45 percent. It has small capabilities to regenerate stamina.

Ofieri Boots
Ofieri Boots

Another item with the Quen intensity is the Ofieri boots crafted in the game. They are available during the Hearts of Stone. The boots have a Quen intensity of ten percent and are slightly resistant to damage by slashing. It also has stamina regeneration of about three percent.

Toussaint Knight's Tourney Boots
Toussaint Knight’s Tourney Boots

Apart from the Ofieri boots, other boots called the Toussaint knight’s tourney boots also have a Quen intensity of two percent. They are magical boots available during the Blood and Wine.

What does Quen Sign intensity do?

Quen intensity is one of the many effects showcased by items in the game. It serves as a multiplier to the strength of the Quen Sign.

There are several abilities of the Quen sign. One of the abilities is the exploding shield. This shield can push enemies back when it shatters, as well as deal damage to them. In some cases, it may also knock down enemies.

The active shield is a tier 2 Quen sign. This ability creates a shield that blocks attacks on enemies and drains their stamina. The damage inflicted on the shield restores its vitality.

The Quen discharge is another ability that entails absorbing damage inflicted by an enemy and deflecting it back to them when engaged in combat.

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