The Forest

The Forest Cave Locations (Complete Map Guide)

The first time a cannibal knocks you out, you awaken in a dark and dreary cave. Waking up here is the first time the game places you in an isolated environment. 

Other than this, The Forest’s island has multiple caves, and each is well hidden. Each has a bit of loot of varying usefulness, providing players with items and weapons. These are all the cave locations in The Forest.

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Cave Locations

The scenery is vibrant in The Forest, and it’s easy to miss a cave entrance; we’ve done it several times. They’re not always easy to notice, so don’t beat yourself up. The Map will be your best friend — and at times, not a good one. It starts off blank, and as you explore more of the island, it is revealed for both caves and the surface.

Before you can use The Map, you need to find it. The Map is located in Cave 2 – Hanging Cave, the first cave you’ll encounter the first time you’re knocked out.

Cave 1 – Dead Cave

Cave 1 is worthwhile finding for a few reasons: it connects with Cave 3 through a rope and has a path leading to Cave 9. It has three entrances; the first is southeast of the Sinkhole (located in the middle of the map). The others are south of the Sinkhole in a Cannibal Village. Cave 1 also has the Katana — to get it, head left after entering the cave; it’ll be a little further ahead.

Cave 2 – Hanging Cave

The entrance to Cave 2 is located around the Main Villagewhich is to the southeast. Cave 2’s first entrance has a rope, with a second entrance in a nearby smaller village to the North.

Cave 3 – Wet Cave

Cave 4: Baby Cave is a small cave with a few enemies inside, one Spider Lady (Virginia) and several Mutant Babies. Players can find the entrance west of the Lakeside Village. The items found within Cave 4 are Cassette Tape 2 and some goodies used for crafting.

Cave 4 – Baby Cave

Cave 4: Baby Cave is a small cave with a few enemies inside, one Spider Lady (Virginia) and several Mutant Babies. Players can find the entrance west of the Lakeside Village. The items found within Cave 4 are Cassette Tape 2 and some goodies used for crafting.

Cave 4 The Forest
Cave 4, Climbing Entrance

Cave 5 – Submerged Cave

As the name implies, Cave 5 is mostly submerged underwater, so you’ll need the Rebreather to explore it. Players can find the two entrances, the first beneath Geese Lake and the second near the Sacred Tree (located on the southern portion of the island). Cave 5 is split in two—you’ll find the Rebreather, Flashlight, and Toy Left Leg in the first part. To access the second area, you’ll have to use the Rebreather (from the first part of Cave 5).

Cave 5 The Forest
Cave 5, Entrance 1

Cave 6 – Lawyer Cave

You’ll need both Explosives and the Rebreather to explore Cave 6 fully because it’s huge. Cave 5 splits into two halves and joins with Cave 10. Keep in mind that Cave 6 is full of enemies, ranging from cannibals to babies to mutants. So, be extra careful and take your time. You’ll find a bounty of treasure within the cave, including the keycard (used at the Yacht).

North of Geese Lake, players can find the first entrance. This one’s a regular entrance, entered through climbing down a rope. Alternatively, there’s a walking entrance north of Geese Lake. Finally, players can find the third entrance on the side of the hill, where the shipping containers are.

Cave 7 – Chasm Cave (North), Sinkhole Cave (South)

Cave 7 is possibly the toughest due to its size and the number of enemies. You’ll find a walking entrance after crossing the northern land bridge. This cave requires the Rebreather (found in Cave 5) to explore fully—but it’s worth it. Apart from toy pieces, you’ll find the Modern Bow, Flashlight, and other useful items.

Cave 7 The Forest
Cave 7, Walking Entrance

Cave 8 – Sinkhole Cave

Cave 8 is merged with Cave 7; Cave 8 is rather small, and there’s nothing to discover here.

Cave 9 – Ledge Cave

Cave 9 has four entrances; two are on the same ledge in the Sinkhole (which can’t be entered from the surface). The third entrance is between the Sinkhole (the middle of the map) and Big Lake. It’s next to a white tent; you can’t miss it. The fourth entrance requires the Climbing Axe. This entrance is near a pair of white tents on the hill near Big Lake.

Cave 10 – Waterfall Cave

West of the Sinkhole (in the middle of the map), you’ll discover the entrance to Cave 10. Many items are found within the cave. Including…

  • Various supplies—snacks, soda, etc.
  • Flare crates.

Moreover, within the cave, there’s an orange save tent. Allowing players to explore the cave safely.

Cave 10 The Forest
Cave 10, Entrance

Cave HC – Hell Cave

Cave HC is located at the bottom of the Sinkhole and only accessible with the Rebreather. It’s large, with plenty of enemies to keep you preoccupied, including multiple cannibals and a Blue Armsy. In Cave HC, you’ll find Camcorder Tape 5, Explosives, and other useful items.

The Forest Cave HC
Cave HC

Artifact Cave

Note: Spoilers ahead

You can access this area via the elevator if you’ve shut down The Power Obelisk. Once here, you won’t be able to return to the Observatory.

Artifact Cave The Forest Game
Artifact Cave, Climbing Entrance

Shipwreck Cave

Cave 11 – Shipwreck Cave is located on the southwest portion of the map and west of the Yacht. To enter it, you’ll need to swim into the ship’s wreck, then down to the cave entrance in the ship’s hull. Cave 11 is small and has no enemies. Keep in mind that Shipwreck Cave requires the Rebreather to explore.

The Forest Shipwreck Cave Location
Shipwreck Cave, Underwater Entrance

Kanji Cave

Cave 12 is located near the shipping containers; it’s also a small cave with no enemies.

Kanji Cave The Forest
Kanji Cave

Coaster Cave

Cave 13 is submerged off the southeast coast. You’ll need the Rebreather to reach the entrance. This cave is located near three small islands, which you’ve probably seen many times while running around. This cave has no enemies in it (luckily).

Sahara Cave

Sahara Cave is sandwiched between the Research Lab and the elevator to the Observatory. You can access it through the Research Lab. However, you’ll need the Rebreather to get there.

Sahara Cave The Forest Game Location
Sahara Cave


There’s a lot to see and explore in The Forest, and we hope this information takes away some of the stress that comes with finding these locations. Thanks for reading our guide for all the cave locations in The Forest.