A Complete Dwarven Mines Guide/Tutorial (Hypixel SkyBlock)

The Dwarven Mines update in Minecraft Hypixel SkyBlock has been released for some time. This NeuralGamer Wiki Guide will cover where to find the Dwarven Mines in Hypixel SkyBlock, along with the best pickaxes, armor sets, pets, and drills.

dwarven mines hypixel skyblock

Table of Contents

  1. Where Are the Dwarven Mines in Hypixel Skyblock?
  2. Dwarven Mines SkyBlock Guide

Where Are the Dwarven Mines in Hypixel Skyblock?

To reach the Dwarven Mines, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Deep Caverns.
  2. There, speak with the Lift Operator.
  3. Go to the Obsidian Sanctuary in the mines and meet Rhys.
  4. Complete Rhys’s quest by turning in 10 of each enchanted ore in the game, including coal, diamond, and Redstone.
  5. Rhys will teleport you to the Dwarven Mines. You can use the Lift Operator to teleport yourself if he doesn’t.

Reading through the Dwarven Mines SkyBlock Guide below before starting your exploration is recommended.

Dwarven Mines SkyBlock Guide

NPCs and Resources (Rhys, Bubu and Bulvar)

Rhys NPC
Rhys at the Dwarven Mines

Behind Rhys, you’ll come across two more NPCs – Bubu and Bulvar. Bubu sells starter pickaxes that you’ll need to mine mithril, with the first pickaxe being the Fractural Mithril Pickaxe, which has a breaking power of five. This is an improvement over the previous diamond pickaxe, which had a breaking power of four. As you progress through the Heart of the Mountain, you’ll be able to unlock better tiers of pickaxes, eventually reaching the Biofuel level.

Bubu and Bulvar
Bubu and Bulvar

Bulvar, on the other hand, sells many different tier 12 mining minions; rather than upgrading the minions you’ve already got, you can instead purchase them from Bulvar – pretty good! Here, the Hypixel Forge, Bank, and Events Guide will also be found.

The Dwarven Mines is where players can gather Mithril Ore, as many veins are located in the area, which can be mined with either your pickaxe or drill. Hot tip: the closer you are to the ore, the easier it is to mine, but the ores further away will yield more mithril. Occasionally, one of the ores will change into a titanium ore block; for this, use a mithril pickaxe.

Dwarven Mines Events

Raffle Tickets Event

In the Dwarven Mines, there is a raffle event that awards prizes. When a raffle event begins, a notification will appear in your chat window instructing you to teleport to Old Man Gary, the event coordinator. He’ll point you in the direction of the Royal Palace, where there are lots of raffle tickets lying around. Put as many in the raffle box as you can after gathering them. Three winners will be selected at the conclusion of the event, and they will each get three times the usual benefits. The incentives for all other gamers will be increased by 1.5 times.

Two Times Event

Similar to this, the Two Times Event offers players double rewards for successfully completing particular objectives. For more details on these and other activities taking place on the island, be sure to visit the Events Guide.

Heart of the Mountain

Heart of the Mountain
Heart of the Mountain

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The Heart of the Mountain is a type of Hypixel stat, unique to the Dwarven Mines; it relates to the player’s mining skill, and has five levels. An unlocked level will appear as a green glass-pane, and levels not yet unlocked appear as a red glass-pane. In order to progress through the five levels, Heart of the Mountain XP must be collected.

Dwarven Mine Armor Sets

Armor SetDescriptionRarity
Goblin Armor SetDropped from Goblins, removes intelligence for mining speedRare
Sorrow Armor SetCrafted from Sorrow, dropped by Ghosts in the MistLegendary
Glacite Armor SetDropped from Ice Waters by the Great Ice Wall, gives mining speed equal to twice your mining levelEpic


Your first pickaxe should be the Fractured Mithril Pickaxe, as it has the ability to mine titanium. At Heart of the Mountain tier two, you can purchase the Bandaged Mithril Pickaxe from the same shop, and eventually forge the better Mithril Pickaxe. At tier three, you unlock drills and can obtain the Titanium Pickaxe and Refined Mithril Pickaxe. Past tier three, it’s all about the drills and not the pickaxes…

PickaxeHeart of the Mountain Tier
Fractured Mithril Pickaxe1
Bandaged Mithril Pickaxe2
Mithril Pickaxe2
Titanium Pickaxe3
Refined Mithril Pickaxe3


Drills are like super pickaxes and come in three types: Mithril Drill SSR226, Mithril Drill SSR326, and Titanium Drill DRH555. Mining one block with a drill consumes one fuel, with a default fuel capacity of 3,000 before needing to refuel.

Mithril Golem Pet

The only mining pet that properly does anything is the Mithril Golem, which you can get for a reasonable price at the Bazaar. It’s worth considering purchasing, as this pet as it will help you gather resources faster.

In conclusion, the Dwarven Mines update has added a lot of new content for SkyBlock players to enjoy. With the loot share feature, new armor sets, pickaxes, drills, and pets, there’s plenty to keep you busy in the game. Be sure to check out the Heart of the Mountain, complete missions and participate in events to level up, and track your progress using your Mining Stats. Happy mining!

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