How to Get Flower Minion in Hypixel Skyblock

Getting the Flower Minion in Hypixel Skyblock can be a difficult task. This article will list the best ways Minecraft players can obtain a Flower Minion.

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How Do You Get Flower Minion in Hypixel Skyblock?

The Sunflower Minion is a type of minion in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock that produces sunflowers, which which is primarily used to craft the Day Saver. What makes this minion uniquely special is its ability to generate large amounts of sunflowers quickly and its low cost compared to other minions.

The Flower Minion can be obtained from the Dark Auction for a minimum of 100k coins, although it typically goes much higher; anywhere between 13 – 14 million, or even higher if multiple people need one for the Romero and Juliette quest. Furthermore, it is commonly used for Seal of the Family progress and the minion itself is often flipped for around 8 million coins.

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Why Are Flower Minions so Expensive?

The high cost of Flower Minions in Hypixel Skyblock is due to their efficiency and rarity. They generate resources quickly and can be upgraded to produce even more. Moreover, their rarity makes them even more valuable. Moreover, many players choose to buy and flip them, making millions in the process.

How to Get Flowers in Hypixel Skyblock

There are many different ways players can obtain flowers in Hypixel Skyblock:

  1. Farming flowers in the Farm Island (found in the Hub)
  2. Purchasing flowers from the Bazaar NPC (found in Hub)
  3. Killing mobs in the Mushroom Desert
  4. Purchasing flowers from the Auction House
  5. Completing quests
  6. Trading with other players in your coop
  7. Fishing flowers from the Fishing Island
  8. Purchasing flowers from the Traveling Merchant

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