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Soulstone Survivors: How to Complete a Level Under 10 Minutes

This article provides vital tips to help players complete Soulstone Survivors Under 10 Minutes.

There are no specific or generic rules to completing Soulstone Survivors in under 10 minutes. Like most action-packed games with timed challenges, most players resort to trying multiple times until they hit a lucky break. No gamer appreciates being stuck on the same level for a prolonged period. 

Beating Soulstone Survivors’ levels in 10 minutes is a big goal for most players, but struggling to beat the time is familiar to most players. So, an unwritten criterion for playing Soulstone Survivors is exercising loads of patience. While being patient, players gain some meta progression and skills, and they add some power to their character. All of these eventually help players to unlock better attacks.

The key to being able to complete any level of Soulstone Survivors in under 10 minutes depends on the gameplay strategies that players use. Soulstone Survivors is an action-packed game, but it gets more exciting because of the time limits that players must beat to progress to the next level.

Gaining powerful skills to enhance player characters to fight off hordes of enemies and bosses is often the primary goal of Soul Survivors players, but in reality, having skills is only a part of what is required to unlock ‘Elementalist,’ runic power, and other rewards that can elevate the players’ gaming experience.

Completing Soulstone Survivors in under 10 minutes requires careful tactics that can help characters selected by players to inflict maximum damage while keeping the character at a safe distance from attacks. So, choosing a character based on the character’s key strengths and attributes is vital to succeeding. 

Characters that are fast are usually players’ favorites. Still, it is also essential for players to consider the spawn rate of any character and how the character can help them to achieve their gaming goals. Necromancer and Paladin are examples of great characters.

The best tactics to use in Soulstone Survivors include:

  1. There should be less focus on defense and more focus on attacking enemies and inflicting damage. When players maintain a front foot and increase attacks, they can respond better when the hordes react to their waves of attacks.
  2. Always make sure to upgrade fast by focusing on what your character needs at all times. Focus on a single area/ability to kill weak enemies off-screen without losing any time.
  3. Build Area and Multicast with bombs and missile attacks. Concentrate on areas with high mob density.
  4. Pick up experience points (XP) magnets. Alternate between staying at the corners and looping around the edges of the screen to pick up XP from time to time. Runs are not mandatory, but you should make solid and easy choices. Best to start with one extra ability that will allow you to pick up EXP points faster.
  5. Always head to the corners of the map to be closer to two spawning borders. Enemies are usually spawned from the borders of the map, so; you have more proximity to inflicting damage.
  6. Gather skills that will eliminate enemies instantly. It is important to focus on gaining specific abilities but prioritize abilities that will allow for more significant damage, more excellent area coverage, full glass cannons, etc.
  7. The size of the map or the positioning of the map doesn’t matter. The best place to inflict greater damage while minimizing attacks on your character is at the corner of any map. At the corner of the map, you should aim to stand between the corner and a close rock or wall. Standing in the corner will help to avoid moving about to kill enemies. Running around to kill enemies is one mistake that wastes a player’s time while playing Soulstone Survivors. Always allow enemies to come to you.

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