Can I Pick Up a Spawner with Silk Touch in Minecraft? Answered

Mob spawners in Minecraft is a block that spawns various mobs over time, depending on the spawner type.

The Silk Touch enchantment in Minecraft is an enchantment that is obtained at the enchanting table by spending XP, which allows players to pick blocks up. Unlike pickaxes that don’t have silk touch, tools with this enchantment can mine blocks without changing type; for example, players can mine grass without turning to dirt; instead, the block will remain grass.

In this article, we will explain whether picking up a spawner with a tool that has silk touch enchantment in Minecraft is possible.

How Do Spawners Work in Minecraft

The mechanics of a spawner in Minecraft may initially seem difficult to grasp; however, don’t worry, they are relatively easy. If the spawner spoons a mob (spider, zombie, skeleton), the spawner will not work if in sunlight or any light. Players who place a torch next to the spawner will deactivate it. Spawners often only appear in Caves, way underground. They are often used on various Minecraft servers for generating income.

Can You Pick Up a Spawner with Silk Touch?

Although the silk touch enchantment in Minecraft applies to almost every block, the spawner is not one of them. Unfortunately, in Minecraft’s base game, players cannot mine a spawner with silk touch and obtain it once destroyed. This is the case on all platforms: Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Minecraft Java Edition, and Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, some players have developed mods where spawners can be mind and picked up.

modded minecraft spawner

How Do You Break a Spawner in Minecraft and Keep It?

The only way players can break a spawner and keep it is by either playing on a server that allows the mechanic of destroying and picking up spawners or downloading a mod that supports the feature. Within these mods, players are usually required to have the silk touch enchantment, gained at the enchantment table, to mine the block so that it will drop the spawner.

One method is to use a mod that adds the ability to pick up and move spawners. There are several Minecraft cheats or mods available that allow players to do this, such as the Spawner GUI mod or the SpawnerCraft mod. These mods typically allow players to pick up spawners using a special tool or item, and then place them down again in a different location.

Can You Piston a Spawner?

Similar to Bedrock, spawners cannot be moved with a piston; in fact, spawners can’t be moved full stop. So, no matter how much Redstone you use and how many pistons you place, you will not be able to piston a spawner.


In summary, this article explores everything about mining spawners. Although they can only be picked up by modding the game, we hope you found this article helpful. 

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