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Civilization 6: Why Won’t My Catapult Won’t Attack?

In this NeuralGamer Civilization 6 Guide, we will explore the different factors that may be preventing your catapult (or trebuchet) from attacking in the game.

Make sure you have the necessary technology: Catapults become available once you have researched the “Siege Engineers” technology, which unlocks at the Medieval Era.

Catapult Won’t Attack Solutions

Here are three reasons your catapult won’t attack:

  1. Reason #1: Terrain Obstacles
  2. Reason #2: Target Range
  3. Reason #3: Zone of Control
  4. Reason #4: Already Attacked

Reason #1: Terrain Obstacles

The first reason could be the terrain around the other civilization’s city, like hills or forests which obstruct the line of fire. The enemy city you are trying to siegedown or unit you’re trying to damage is blocked by either a (1) hill tile or (2) forest tile; you will need to select your catapult unit and move it to another space that is not blocked by one of these two terrains. On the other hand, players can use builders to clear the tile of anything, if it’s in their land.

Catapults cannot attack over hills or forests
Catapults cannot attack over hills or forests

Reason #2: Target Range

Another important element to note while using a catapult is the unit’s attack-range, as the unit can hit enemies within a range of two tiles, which means the target must be within two hexs’ of your catapult for it to attack; if the enemy is further away, you will need to rotate closer or use another unit with a longer range.

Reason #3: Zone of Control

The third thing to consider is that units within a city’s or another unit’s zone of control cannot move past that unit or city without using all their movement points. Pros often use this mechanic to their advantage while defending their city against enemy attacks; on the other hand, it can also make it difficult for your own units to move through enemy territory – another thing to consider while waging wars in Civilization 6! If the target you are trying to attack has a strong ZOC, you may need to use other units to clear a path (melee units work great) for your catapult to move through, or simply wait for the enemy to move out of range.

Reason #4: Already Attacked

The fourth reason that your Catapult refuses to ranged attack could be, trust me this happens way too often, that you have already attacked the target; the way Civ 6 works dictates that a given unit can only attack once per turn. Therefore, if you’ve already used the same Catapult to damage another target or unit, it won’t attack. If that’s the case you’re in, you will need click the next turn button in the bottom right, and the issue should be resolved.

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