Does PUBG Have Bots? The Definitive Answer

This page contains information on whether PUBG has bots.

How Common Are Bots in PUBG?

When you newly join PUBG, you are more likely to see bots compared to frequent players. When the servers are not filled with human players, bots are placed in their stead to fill the empty slots. The game also puts bots to players who have not had any luck in winning a match, and the number of bots decreases the more you emerge victorious.


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How can you tell if a PUBG player is a bot?

One of the most common ways of identifying a bot is that they behave very weirdly. They have mechanical behavior and are very unpredictable. Bots move around in predictable paths around the map. When they spot a player, they are very calm and attack very gently compared to human players, whose quick reactions are quick.

Bots constantly run in huge open areas and rarely seek cover when attacked. Moreover, bots do not enter houses in search of loot. They run around the house and stay at one point for a long time before running around again.

When a human player is inside a house, bots never attempt to enter the house. This has made players use these bots as bait to attract other players into thinking there are enemies around, only for the hiding players to ambush them and kill them.

Additionally, bots do not seek cover when attacked. Instead, they head directly towards the fire, aiming and shooting single shots at the enemy. When attacked, their reaction is slow and without any reflex actions since they do not jump or run in zigzag formation to make it difficult for them to be shot at.

Bots do not loot the dead crates of other players. They also appear out of nowhere in matches, and you cannot see them coming toward you compared to real players.

In addition, bots have very poor aiming and shooting skills. When a bot shoots a real player, the bullets mostly end up missing you, making them an easy target that earns real players bonus kills. They also have weird character names, predominantly random letters joined to form incomprehensible names that a real player would not call themselves.

Bot in Training Mode
Bot in Training Mode

Are There Bots in PUBG Training?

There are AI bots in PUBG training mode because it is meant to assist players in gaining familiarity with the game’s aspects, such as its shooting mechanics and driving, without giving them the pressure of being on the lookout for enemy players.  Training mode enables players to get used to the game’s controls, try our various weapons in the game, and explore its vast terrain. 

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