How to Use a Controller on PUBG Mobile

This page contains information on how to use a controller on PUBG MOBILE.

Despite PUBG Mobile not supporting controllers, they can be used for movement only.

Playing PUBG Mobile With a Controller Using an Android

However, there is a technique that will allow you to utilize your controller fully. You first need to download a keymapper program on your phone. These programs link game controls to controller buttons in games that do not support controllers. The most well-known keymapper program is Panda Gamepad Pro, which is not free and requires activation payment.

So you need to download and install Panda Gamepad Pro. Afterward, you connect the controller to your android phone and launch the application. Scroll through the setup process of the application to configure its controls. After that, launch the PUBG Mobile app from the Panda Gamepad Pro application.

However, the game will detect that you are trying to play the game using third-party software. Therefore you will only be able to play matches with players using emulators. Also, you will only be able to play the game with the controller when it is launched using the Panda Gamepad Pro.

Playing PUBG Mobile With a Controller Using an iPhone

With the iPhone, you first need to install the ShootingPlus app from the App Store and install it. You then connect the controller to the iPhone. Launch the application and follow the instructions to set up the commands.

In the app, launch PUBG Mobile. Now you can play the game with a controller, and you will be doing so as long as you launch the game using the ShootingPlus app.

Playing PUBG Mobile With a Controller on a PC

You must use an emulator to play the game with a PC. One of the most commonly used emulators is Bluestacks. Download the application and install it on your PC. The advantage of using Bluestacks is that it is compatible with a controller, so there is no need for setup customization.

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Best Controller for PUBG Mobile

The best controller to use for playing PUBG Mobile is the SteelSeries Stratus Duo. It is a wireless controller that is comprised of a compact design, analog sticks, and backlit action buttons. The controller is compatible with various devices, such as Android, PCs, and tablets, making it highly versatile.

Moreover, the controller has a durable battery life lasting up to 20 hours after a single charge. It is also accompanied by a phone grip that enables you to attach your device directly to the controller for a more fun gaming experience. Therefore, the controller is built for comfort and features suitable for PUBG Mobile players.

Best PUBG Mobile Controller Settings

Controller settings usually depend on the players’ preferences and gaming styles.

For starters, the aim assist settings and the block sight warning should be enabled. The shotgun firing mode and bolt action should be set to tap. The gyroscope should always be on. Moreover, the lean and scope mode should be set to tap. Lastly, the peek and open scope mode should be enabled alongside the peek and fire mode.

For camera sensitivity, the camera should be in the third-person and have 80 percent sensitivity. If you want to play using the first-person mode, ensure the camera is at 58 percent.

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