How to Fix PUBG Steam Authentication Failed

This page contains information on PUBG Steam authentication failure.

Common to many multiplayer games, PUBG has its fair share of errors. One of the most common is failure to authenticate from an external provider such as Steam. This makes players have a difficult time logging into the game. It is often difficult to figure out the root cause of the problem, but there are some steps to take to fix this error.

Ensure that you are playing the game using the designated platform because some versions of Windows cannot support PUBG. To solve this issue, download manufacturer updates to help set your Windows to the recommended level.

Method 1: Restart Steam

One of the fastest ways to solve this issue is to restart Steam. To close the program, tap on the X button at the screen’s top right corner. Alternatively, you can use the task manager to force the program to close. After closing Steam, relaunch it and check if the problem has been fixed.

Method 2: Verify PUBG’s Steam Files

Another method is to try and verify Steam files. You will most likely get such errors in Steam when your files are corrupted. Therefore, verification is the surest way to ensure your game runs smoothly. To verify, the first step is to locate PUBG in the game library and right-click. Scroll to the Properties Section and then head to the Local Files section. You will see an option to Verify Integrity of Steam Files.

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Method 3: Use VPN

The other way of fixing the Steam issue is to use VPN. Mainly, issues regarding the program are caused by routing issues. A VPN will enable you to bypass ISP routing and effectively communicate with PUBG servers.

Method 4: Contact Steam Support

If all three suggestions fail to resolve the issue, the last option is to contact Steam support. They can offer insights regarding the issue by analyzing the files and providing a permanent solution for why Steam authentication failed.

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