How to Change Your Name in PUBG (Walkthrough)

This page contains information on how to change your name in PUBG.

PUBG has revolutionized the gaming industry since it was released in 2017. Changing the name of your character was added after its release.

How to Change Your Name in PUBG PC

You will need a Nickname Change card to change your character’s name in PUBG PC. This card is not free and will cost you a real-world currency price of $ 9.99.

Go to the game’s store and the items section to purchase the card. Tap on the other option located on the screen. You will be taken to the section containing the Nickname Change card. After you have bought the card, go to the Customize option and head to the Utility section. Select the Etc option and use the Nickname Change card present. The card can only be used once; if you want to change your character’s name again, you will have to purchase more cards.

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Changing Your Username in PUBG Mobile

Changing your character’s name in the mobile version is similar to the PC version since you will need a rename card. Each season, the game unveils a new Royale Pass with different missions and rewards. The Royale Pass is both free and paid. Both of them have access to the Rename Card. There is a bonus for each daily login, which often contains Rename Cards.

Additionally, players can purchase the Rename Card from the game’s store for 180 UC (Unknown Cash), the in-game currency.

How to Get Fashionable and Unique Names for PUBG Mobile

After purchasing your Rename Card, head to the NickFinder website to get hundreds of nicknames and special characters. Select the Cool Text Generator to obtain creative names for your character. You can also try the Fancy Text Symbols section to get unique and stylish special symbols to use in naming your character.

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