How to Skip the Tutorial in PUBG

This page contains information on how to skip the tutorial in PUBG.

How Do I Skip PUBG Tutorial?

The battle royale game has a compulsory tutorial for all newbies and veterans. Despite players not being able to skip the tutorial, there are techniques one can use to navigate through the tutorial quickly.

The first step is the Basic Training Exercise, which has introductory lessons on how to play the game and get the chicken dinner. The instructions entail properly moving your character, picking up items from the ground, and aiming and firing your weapon toward a target. Additionally, your character will be instructed to equip weapon attachments such as scopes, foregrips, and extended magazines. Your character should quickly follow the objectives listed on the screen and complete them within a few minutes.

PUBG Basic Training Exercise
PUBG Basic Training Exercise

What are the AI training drills in PUBG?

The next step requires playing 10 AI or bot matches or finishing four training drills. The training matches are similar to PUBG battles, except that you will be fighting bots instead of real players. With the first tutorial done, you shouldn’t have a problem finishing this one. The four tasks are to win a chicken dinner, get a total of 5 kills, loot one item from care packages, and drive 2000m across the map.

Winning a chicken dinner is shooting and killing all opponents in the game. When you shoot the AI opponent, you will knock them down, making them unable to attack you. Your character can finish them off, and that constitutes a kill.


The second task is getting five kills, which should not be challenging since your character will have mastered how to knock down and kill an opponent. Doing this to five players will make you complete the task.

Can You Skip the AI Training Matches in PUBG?

Unfortunately, you must complete the AI training to proceed to the next training stage.

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The third task is to loot an item from the Care Package. These packages are randomly dropped on the map by a cargo plane. Make sure your character listens for the sound of an airplane and looks up to spot the care package drop with a parachute. When the package lands on the ground, it emits a red smoke which enables it to be seen by players. Search for a vehicle and get in. Press the direction buttons on our screen to drive towards the drop. Exit the vehicle and walk towards it. A pop-up will appear on the screen showcasing the contents of the drop. Click on any item, and your character will have completed the task.

The final task of driving for 2000m requires you to drive all around the map until the 2000m mark is indicated on your screen.

That’s all it takes to complete the PUBG tutorial. Best of luck!

How to Finish PUBG Training Fast

To complete the game fast, you must focus on speed and efficiency. The first thing you need to do is to customize your controls based on your preference to avoid any time-wasting configuration while in training.

You can also learn the game mechanics by practicing movements such as jumping, running, and weapon reloading. Additionally, you can take more time practicing in the firing range to boost your aiming and recoil control skills.

On top of that, another tip is to get familiar with the map and learn its towns, routes, and looting spots. Always keep in mind that constant practice is vital, and in due time you will be able to finish the training very quickly.

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