Europa Universalis 4

Europa Universalis 4: Are Janissaries Worth It?

You’ve probably been playing EU4 for a little while now and have got a feel for what works and doesn’t work for you, you’ve probably been tempted by the DLC’s available. Even if you’re new to the game this info will be useful for you.

Many RTS games have additional content in the form of new maps and units or campaigns and some of them are brilliant and offer tough new soldiers for you to use in the main game or online, units that should crush the opposition and leave them quivering in a corner. Then we have others that look fantastic on the outside but are completely rubbish and need to be tossed in the trash. This Europa Universalis Guide will look at whether Janissaries are worth it.

With a large selection of units in the base game a huge bunch more DLC content, EU4 has no shortage of factions to keep you busy. With the Cradle of Civilization DLC we have the Janissaries who are rumoured to be the best unit in the game.

The Janissaries sure are expensive so with a high price tag you’d expect them to be tough and able to beat the opposition. The Ottomans have a powerful and formidable army that grows in strength with the Janissaries. The Ottomans are the easiest and one of the strongest nations in the game, they’re the best to use while getting used to the game and they will remain powerful right up until the end of the game.

This DLC also brings Islamic Schools that bring additional base religion benefits as well as new government buttons which give you a bonus that you can change every 20 years. The Janissary is an elite unit that costs far more to reinforce but they are far better on the battlefield.

Ottomans EU4 Janissaries

Are Janissaries Worth It?

While they are expensive it is worth having some on the field as victory can come swiftly with these fighting by your side. Though they’re great against the AI it’s not worth purchasing a lot of Janissaries when playing online. Since they cost a lot, you’re better off spending your money and military points on other things when playing online.

Overall, they’re a great unit that offers some good bonuses but in all honesty, Janissaries should only be purchased in small quantities since you could spend your points on far better and more useful things. Are Janissaries worth it? No, not really and that’s quite unfortunate.