A Guide to Europa Universalis 4 – Colonization, War, Trade!

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There always seems to be more features the average Europa Universalis 4 player has not indulged himself with, and with “The Austria Update” just being released, adding more features, it is important players delve into the unknown to better their understanding of the contents of the game, the is especially so if the player desires a world conquest. In this article, I will be covering Colonization, War tactics, Trade, Which DLC’s to get, and more. Welcome to: A Complete Guide to Europa Universalis 4

Guide to Europa Universalis 4: Which Countries should I play?

If you have played before – Do you remember the first time Europa Universalis opened? I am sure it was overwhelming. New players face a tough question; Which country should I play? Which Country is the best? The game features a diverse selection of playable states, in fact, there are 639 startable nations! Through analysis, we have discovered that different countries hold a magnitude of different problems, and therefore harder countries hold more, and harder problems. For this reason, we have created a list of recommended countries, varied via skill level.

Beginner (Easier)

  • Spain, Portugal, England, France, Ottomans, Hungary, Poland, Venice

Intermediate (Average)

  • Denmark, Sweden, Muscovy, Austria, Ming, Oda, Naples, Aragon, Scotland, Norway, Bohemia, Great Horde

Expert (Harder)

  • Brandenburg, Novgorod, Aztec, Provence, Serbia.

Guide to Europa Universalis 4: How to Wage a War and Win!

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Once a country has been picked, War is inevitable. No matter your size, strength, or location. This is why is vital that players are well equipped for the event and know how to achieve success. But first, you must know how to dull the impact of a defensive war, and how to improve the odds of victory in an offensive war. This can be done via alliances. Alliances are an integral part of Europa Universalis 4, and an educated player knows how to squeeze their allies for all they have got.

The key when selecting an ally is strength and location. It is important to choose your allies carefully because they will not join your war unless they have a reason to. When you ask your ally to join your war (Call to Arms), there are certain modifiers that decides if they support you. Some examples are:

  • Relative Manpower
  • Distance
  • Debt
  • Favors
  • Attitude

Alliances and Enemies

Make sure not to select an ally that is far away from your state, because they will not feel compelled to join your wars.

Once you have gathered your allies and chosen a target, the next step is war. Make sure the relative strength of your allies is greater than your enemies. Within the game, the success/failure of the war is tallied via war score. This can be seen in the bottom right. Certain provinces are worth a greater war score, in contrast to other provinces. An example of this is your enemy’s capital. Your foe’s capital (Depending on the size of your enemy) is usually enough to guarantee a white peace! What is a white peace?, newer players may be asking.

White Peace: A white peace is when both parties in a war decide to return to war conditions before the war. Both parties don’t gain or lose anything.

What Modifiers Affect my Troops Battle Ability?

Battles are usually won via quality and quantity. Within wars (Usually) it is important to have equally, or greater troops than your enemies, but it is also important that your discipline and Army morale is kept high. These modifiers can be improved via Ideas; Ideas are investments, available in the early game, that can improve certain aspects of your nation. They are available after administration level 5.

How do I Colonize? And which Countries should I Colonize with?

Colonization is a process where residents of a country choose to start inhabiting an area. This process has the potential to pay large dividends, and nations that choose to invest in certain colonial regions, may see large profits. So this must take large sums of money and time to achieve? Wrong. Many colonies are inexpensive, with each colonist only costing 2 ducats per month.

How do I unlock Colonization?

To colonize, one must first reach administration level 5. This can be done in the Country View (Top Left Flag). Once this has been done, the player must select an idea. 2 Ideas include colonists – colonists represent the number of sustainable colonies that are available to the nation. These are: Exploration (Includes 1 colonist), and Expansion (Includes 2 colonists). We recommend any country that wants to colonize the New World, Asia, or Oceania, to first pick Exploration ideas because it provides an explorer. What is an Explorer? You may ask.

An Explorer is a ship captain that allows the fleet is discover terra incognita (Unknow land).

Where do I colonize?

We recommend prioritizing the colonization of the following areas:

  • The Caribbean, India, Spice Islands (Indonesia), and Central America.

Guide to Europa Universalis 4: Which DLCs should I get?

DLC: A extension to the main game that adds new content.

With the large number of DLCs available, it is relatively impossible to play Europa Universalis without a select few DLCs. These DLCS provide us with a whole new range of features to use when playing. Though there are some clear DLCs that have more use than others, this is why we have compiled a list of the most useful DLCs.

Tier 1 (Must Have)

  • Rights of Man, Common Sense, Art of War

Tier 2 (Optional)

  • Cradle of Civilization, Mandate of Heaven, Cossacks, El Dorado, Wealth of Nation, Mare Nostrum

Tier 3 (Not Needed)

  • Conquest of Paradise, Res Publica, Third Rome

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