How Do You Eat In Minecraft Mobile?

This page contains information on how to eat in Minecraft Mobile.

The hunger mechanic in Minecraft had not been introduced until recently. Moreover, the game developers are in the works of adding a difficult challenge to the Survival Mode. In order for players to restore their hunger bars, they must teach themselves how to eat while playing Hardcore or Survival Mode.

Players with low hunger bars cannot sprint; hence their health will deteriorate if their hunger bars become totally finished. Lack of food results in your player dying. Therefore, it is crucial for players to learn how to eat in the game in order to survive.


How to Find Food in Minecraft

The first step players need to know before eating is how to locate food. There are many ways to find food in the game.

Killing Animals for Meat

Animals in the game drop meat on the ground when killed. The meat is safe to eat while raw without having the need to cook. However, players must be cautious with chicken meat because it is known to cause food poisoning.

To avoid the possibility of food poisoning, players should cook chicken meat. Additionally, cooking meat can boost its health benefits. Apart from chicken meat, players can feast on cows, rabbits, pigs, sheep, and mooshrooms.


Apart from killing animals to obtain meat, players can also choose to fish. When you have a fishing rod, players are able to fish various types of fish, such as salmon, clownfish, and raw fish.

Moreover, these types of fish are safe to eat apart from puffer fish, which can cause food poisoning and nausea. Therefore, pufferfish should not be eaten raw but should be cooked to avoid food poisoning.

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Harvesting Crops

When crops are harvested, the food can decrease in the various crops and plants. Therefore, players should eat multiple crops at a go, such as onions, melons, and cabbages. In order to grow fruits, players should create maize, sugar cane, beetroots, carrots, and apples. The plants are located in various locations across the map of your world.

With these skills on how to locate food, you should have enough food to eat.

How to Eat In Minecraft Mobile

How to Eat
How to Eat

The first step is to play Survival Mode. This is because the bar does not reduce in Creative or Peaceful Mode. Therefore you will be unable to eat in the two modes.

The next step is to check your hunger bar. Players can only eat when they are not entirely loaded with the hunger plate. When the hunger bar begins shaking, it will start to decrease. Then you will be able to eat after you start getting used to the first icon for hunger.

The third step is selecting the type of food you want. To open your inventory, press the three-dot button, click on the hotbar box, tap the food item, and

After this, the next step is to tap and hold the food you selected on the screen. Press and hold down the phone before you begin to consume the meal.

How to Cook Food

Since there are some foods which need to be cooked first before eating. To cook food, the player will need to find a furnace, wood or coal,  and a piece of meat or vegetable. Making furnaces requires a crafting table and eight pieces of cobblestone.

To make the crafting table, chop a single piece of wood. In order to mine cobblestone, you will be needed to have a wooden pickaxe. Then you chop an extra wooden block to fuel the furnace to cook the food.

The next step is to tap the three-dot button on the far right side of the hotbar on the lower part of the screen. Afterward, tap on the crafting tab on the screen’s left side above the bottom left tab. Tap on the wooden crate icon and press the 4X button to convert one block of wood into four wooden crates.

After this, tap on the crafting table icon and press 1X. This will create a crafting table. Tap on the crafting table and press the Input box, which will place a piece of meat on the fire. Wait for some time for the food to cook. Once the food appears in the Result box, it means the food is ready to be eaten.

Therefore, you need to double-tap the food in the Result box, which will be added to your inventory. Select the food by tapping its icon in the hot bar at the lower part of the screen. Alternatively, you can tap the three-dot icon on the right side of the screen.

Afterward, tap and hold the screen, making your character move the food towards their mouth. The food will have disappeared in a few seconds, indicating that your character has eaten the food. A portion of the hunger bar will be regained.

However, remember that your character can only consume food when their hunger bar is less than 100 percent. Eating when the hunger bar is 100 percent is not possible, and the food will only be used to hit blocks.

Also, cooked food is more efficient than raw food since it restores your hunger bar more than raw food.

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