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Survivalist Invisible Strain: Cooks Won’t Deposit Food (Cooking Broken)

Survivalist: Invisible Strain is about rebuilding a community after the collapse of civilization. The game has a lot of things to keep you engaged. This article explains why in survivalist invisible strain: cooks won’t deposit.

A chef’s job is to keep a fresh pot of food on the campfire and keep the fire going. Your chef will continue to cook and reheat the campfire until you run out of supplies.

The survivor you assigned to be a chef does not have a store supplies function. All they do is cook one meal and idle around. This will give everyone a chance to serve themselves from the pot. If you tell your chef to cook a different meal, they will instinctively remove the fresh meal from the pot and store it in a container. 

There is a glitch when the chef tries to move those end products into storage. The glitch also happens when using catering buckets. It is advisable to ensure minimal use of your catering bucket and keep them at 350FlOz. Once in a while, the player could boost the food items in a bucket if they notice that the chef’s job could be better.

The player must get a survivor to cook recipes and store cooked food in sealed containers. Once the person starts to fill their container with food, hit F2 on the community screen. This will help you mouse over the food and set a limit. 

Secondly, if you uncheck the box for cooking as much as possible, it gives you a box to set the limit of how much food to make. Please note that when you have the ingredients you need in your inventory, you get two tabs to choose from. The first tab is for the one-off recipe using ingredients in your inventory. 

The second tab is for making up to a limit or unlimited using ingredients from storage. From the looks of it, the game’s AI cannot deal with commands like, “make stew/chill as much as possible.” This command triggers a bug that would cause others not to eat anymore. The best way to handle this is to monitor someone for food than do the work yourself.

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