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How Long Does it Take to Beat Cuphead?

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If you are interested in video games, Cuphead may be among your favorites. However, as you adjust to the theme and move from level to level, you may wonder how long it takes to beat Cuphead? Although the game looks simple from the title, it creates an environment of competitiveness that you can enjoy with your teammates, or alone.

Cuphead: What is the Video Game About?

The video game metaverse is broader than you might think, considering that this industry has evolved over the years. Within this innovation is “Cuphead,” a platforming game that was released in 2017. This game has a great contrast between the title, “do not make deals with the devil,” and the characters in the advertising image.

Cuphead is available for Xbox One, Windows, and of course, on Steam. On the other hand, the developers decided to extend its availability by allowing it to be played on MacOS in 2018 and recently for PS4.

According to the story, Cuphead and Mugman made a deal with the Devil that promised them riches and ownership of the casino they frequented. However, the characters lost, causing them to reformulate their contract with the Devil, who proposed an undeniable offer. This wicked-looking character told the boys that if they brought the covenants to their debtors, they would pay off the debt and go away free.

However, the Devil did not tell the main characters that they would have to go through a series of tests to reach their goal. The game promises an interesting environment in which the challenges do not stop appearing every level.

How Long does it Take to Beat Cuphead?

To understand how long it takes to beat Cuphead, it is only fair that you know how broad the game is. Within Cuphead, you must overcome three islands, additionally the final level, and each boss fight can last approximately three minutes. But, this fight between your player and the bosses can be complicated, so you will have to develop good skills to defeat them — that is, if you want to be able to beat them on the first try.

Each island in the game can have up to 7 debtors or bosses that you must face. Interestingly, the bosses on the island are increasingly difficult to defeat, which increases the complexity of the game. On average, it will take you more than half an hour to defeat each boss as long as you have the skills to do so.

If you want to know how long to beat Cuphead, you will have to spend about 15 hours of your time in the game. This type of game also includes the scenes that will eventually appear when defeating a boss or moving to another island. The playing time will also depend on what difficulty you are in.

How Long does it take to beat Cuphead

Secret Modes in Cuphead that Extend Playtime

Cuphead will not cease to amaze you, considering that you will be able to have access to the secret modes. From the moment you enter the video game, you will notice that its theme is original, because it uses the popular art styles for the cartoon characters used in the 30s. Cuphead also promises a classic video game experience, with few special effects not to lose its essence.

If you have overcome each of the islands in the game or are in the process, you may be interested in knowing what their secret modes are:

Retro Mode

For many players, the retro mode or “Black and White” mode is one of the most famous. This mode allows us to reaffirm that the game complies with a classic theme (1930’s) it has branded itself with. To configure this secret game mode, you will have to go to the third island and talk to the turtle.

If you want to get to the point with the game and not search aimlessly throughout the level, you will only have to focus on the “Cala María” stage. In that phase, you will meet the turtle who thinks that evildoers should not be killed. The turtle will impose six challenges on you that you will have to overcome without killing the enemies with your character.

You should take into account that in these hidden levels, you are not allowed to shoot weapons. But, you can only use the character’s ultimate ability and moves like Dash and Parry mode.

Expert Mode

You can activate the expert mode to add more intensity to the game after knowing how long to beat Cuphead. Going through “simple” and “normal” mode is child’s play in Cuphead, but “expert” mode is for professional gamers. If you want to challenge yourself with this game, you can change the difficulty by taking advantage of expert mode.

To access this mode, you will have to overcome the game in its “normal/regular” mode. This expert mode could increase the game’s difficulty from 15 hours of playtime to more than 24 hours, if you dedicate to it.


Cuphead is undoubtedly one of the most attractive platform games that you could have on your PC, Xbox, or PS4. But to get to the end, you will need to go through four islands and more than 20 evil bosses. To know how long to beat Cuphead, you must consider the difficulty and if you want to activate the special modes.

In short, you will have to dedicate more than 15 hours of your time to the game and will have to push your skills to the limit. Cuphead is an interesting game that has entered the platforming industry for a long time.

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