How to Be a Marriage Counselor in BitLife

This page contains information on how to become a marriage counselor in BitLife.

First, you must age up your character until you finish high school. Maintain your character’s high stats by frequenting the library and using the study harder option. Afterward, enroll your character in university and ensure they have high, wise stats, or you will risk getting denied entry. Also, you can opt to apply for a scholarship depending on where your character resides.  

BitLife Graduate University

When you finally enter university, select psychology as your character’s major. Finish the four-year major, after which you can apply for a job. Head to the full-time job listings and scroll until you see Marriage Counselor. Apply for the job and pass the interview to become a marriage counselor.  

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How to Complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife

The challenge has four tasks which revolve around marriage, trust, and betrayal.

The first task is to be born a male. This is attained by starting the game as a male character. The second step is becoming a marriage counselor. This requires more effort since it requires your character to study well through high school and secure a degree in psychology at the university. After bagging the degree, securing a job will become much more accessible and straightforward.

The third task is to make an ex divorce their spouse. This step requires your character to have been in a relationship or married previously during college or high school. Look at your relationships, head to Exes, and scroll through each until you see one currently married. After finding your target, start talking to them, convincing them you still have feelings for them, and making her leave her husband for you.

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The final step is to seduce a married coworker. Search your list of coworkers until you find the married one. After finding her, use the same technique your character used with her ex and convincer her to sleep with you despite her being in a marriage. Achieving this will make you complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge successfully. 

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