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How to Beat Challenge 13 in Merge Dragons

You have come far if you have gotten to level 80, which also goes by Dread Marsh 1 and Challenge 13 in Merge Dragons. Although this challenge level isn’t too difficult, we will show you how to beat challenge 13 in Merge Dragons. First, we will start with a walkthrough, and then we’ll give you some tips.

Before we get into the walkthrough, let’s look at the specifics.

  • Level 80
  • Chalice Cost: 7
  • Primary Goal: Create a Restored Statue
  • Goal Stars: Create Grass Level 4, Destroy 3 Zomblins, Hatch 4 Sharp Dragon Whelps
  • Potential Rewards: Hero Mushroom, Grass Tuft, Spotted Dragon Egg

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Walkthrough for Challenge 13

When you start out the challenge, the first thing that you want to do is to merge the Random Dragon Portals and then merge five Spotted Dragon Eggs. Next, you want to tap on the Sharp Dragon Nest, then merge the Sharp Dragon eggs into groups of 5. If you have trouble finding the eggs, zoom out on your screen.

Next, you want to merge Grass in groups of 5 and destroy the caves as they get unlocked. Then it’s time to merge on Super Dead Land, starting from the left and going right. Use higher grass levels progressively and tap every unlocked Life Extender.

Once you have unlocked the Life Extenders, you want to merge your small fruit Trees with the ones on the Super Dead Land. Then, you want to merge your level 4 Grass onto Super Dead Land to the right, unlocking the third statue. You’re in the home stretch now.

Finally, merge unlocked Petrified Zomblins immediately and destroy them as they appear. Finish up by merging the three Gaia Statues. This is what is going to complete the level for you and give you the rewards.

Tips for Challenge 13

  • Quickly get the dragons. Then move Life Flowers up front and don’t merge them. This way, your dragons will continue working.
  • Merge the Tiny Life Orb onto the Dead Land. This will create the small Life Orb. Then you want to use this to access the Fruit Trees to reach your first statue.
  • Remember that you need Grass. So, merging them five at a time is a good idea to create 2 Great Grass. These can be used for unlocking your next statue. Use your life orbs when you need to.
  • Now you must use your level 4 grass to get the final statue quickly.

That brings us to the end of our Merge Dragons Challenge 13 walkthrough. We hope this helps you with gameplay and that you’ll continue visiting our site. Please feel to comment below and let us know what you think!

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