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How to Beat Challenge 24 in Merge Magic

We are here with another walkthrough for a Merge Magic challenge level. Today’s challenge is a bit more complex than the others we discussed. Today’s blog is about Merge Magic Challenge 24, and it’s a bit of a doozy. So, let’s look at what the challenge has to offer. 

Merge Magic Challenge 24 is also called Level 1643, with a compass cost of 3. The goal is to create one Mythical Idol. This challenge has five parts to it. Three main sections and two sections are similar to bridges between the main sections. You must merge Fruit Bush Leaves in groups of five to win.

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Challenge 24 Walkthrough

Getting Started

For this challenge, you want to move the available Forest Underwood from the left to the top-right and make a merger of three. Then you want to move the available Druid Stone from the right-center to the land’s right side. Then you want to move the available Druid Stone from the left side to the right.

Next, you want to move the Blessed Sprout you created to the bottom-right of the center section and merge the three. Then move the Blessed Flower from the center section to the left section’s upper lefthand. This will merge the three of them. Move the Blessed Bloom from the left to the right to merge the three.

There’s a Blessed Sapling on the right. Move it to the left of the center and merge it with the available one and the one on the Super Cursed Land. Unlock the Dyr Nests with the Area Blesser. Once they are available, tap out the nest and merge the eggs.

Continuing On

Order your Dyr babies to harvest a lot of Little Blessing Orbs from your Young Blessed Tree. While they’re harvesting, move the small Stone Monument from the upper lefthand side to the right. Keep harvesting the orbs and then merge them in groups of five to create Young Blessing Orbs.

Move one Young Blessing Orb to the right and merge them with an available one and one on Super Cursed Land. This will create a yellow Blessing Orb. Move this to the left next to the cursed Small Stone Monument and Fruit Bush Leaves, then tap on the blessing and release it.

Free the Cursed Small Stone Monument on the right side of the center section. Use the orbs to unlock two leaves on the left and two in the center. Then move all four to the right of the center section, creating a merger of five. Move two of the Fruit Bush Sprouts from the right of the center section to the center section and merge the three.

Activate an Area Blesser and unlock the purple Weak Bright Stone. Then merge it with the two others in the center section to the right. Tap out the Mineral Rock and get two more Weak Bright Stones, then harvest them for more and merge them in a group of five when there’s enough.

Continue harvesting and merging the Blessing Orbs to unlock the lefthand Cursed Land and the Fruit Bush Shrub. Move the Small Stone Monument from the left to the right, creating a merger of three, then move the resulting Stone Monument to the right.

Finishing the Level

Unlock the Fruit Bush Shrub using the orbs on the left, then merge it with the two shrubs in the center. Then activate the Area Blesser and move the Stone Monument from the middle to the right, creating a merger of three. Move two of the blue Faint Spirit Rocks to the left and create a merger of three with the cursed one.

Use the Area Blesser to unlock the Ancient Sapling and move it to the right side of the middle section. Then move the available Ancient Sapling and merge the three of them. Then, move the Small Ancient tree so that it’s to the right and creates a merger of three.

Lastly, unlock the orbs on the left, and release the blessing to free up the Cursed Broken Mythical Idols on the right and left island sides. Merge the available ones with the one in the center, and you have completed the challenge. Doing this may take a couple of tries, but once you get it down, you will find it’s not too difficult. 

Now you know how to do Challenge 24 in Merge Magic. Thanks so much for taking some time to read our blog. There are many other helpful walkthroughs on our website for different video games, so look through them and see what else we have covered. You will be happy that you did. 

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