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How to Beat Challenge 22 in Merge Magic

Hello, and welcome to Neural Gamer. Sometimes we post simple walkthroughs, and sometimes we post more difficult ones. The walkthrough we’re covering today for Merge Magic Challenge 22 is one of the more difficult. But we’ll do our best to show you how to do it in a straightforward way to do it.

When you first open Challenge 22 in Merge Magic, it will likely look daunting. And the truth is, it’s one of the more challenging levels. Unlike other kinds of challenge levels, much of it must be done in a particular order to finish it. Zooming out on your phone or tablet before the countdown is a good idea to see the whole level.

Let’s look at some information about this challenge. It’s also called level 149, and its compass cost is 3. The goal is to create one Mythical Idol, and the goal stars are to create 5 Floating Rocks and 2 Glowing Plants, and one Shallow Pool. The potential rewards are Stone Fragment, Phoenix Egg, and Small Stone Monument.

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Challenge 22 Walkthrough

Getting Started: Look at the Lay of the Land

When you start the challenge, the first thing to do is to merge three Little Shimmering Plants – one available and two others on Super Cursed Land on the island to the screen’s top left. Do this twice, so you get two Twinkling Plants. Three Tiny Evergreen Seeds are on the island in your screen’s top left, so merge the three.

Now you have a Small Evergreen Tree. This you want to put on the top island’s topmost side on the right. When you see the rocks, you’re in the right place. Tap it twice to release the blessings. If you were lucky and unlocked one Floating Stone, merge it immediately with those in that spot. This will create five Floating Rocks and complete the first goal.

Move your small Evergreen Tree to the island on the top right. then merge it in a group of three with the two on the Super Cursed Land. This will create one Young Evergreen Tree. Move this to the top-middle island’s righthand corner at the top, where you will see some rocks.

Then you want to tap the tree to get blessings. If you don’t already have your Floating Stone, this is when you will get it. Merge that right there where it was found. Remember those two Twinkling Plants that you created in the first paragraph? Now it’s time to merge those with the three others on the top-right island’s Super Cursed Land.

This will create two Glowing Plants. But be careful. If you only merge three of them, you won’t be able to finish the level. Move the two Glowing Plants that you just created and merge them with the third one on the Super Cursed Land on the island to your screen’s bottom right. Now you have one Shining Plant.

Moving On: Lots to Remember in This Challenge!

Now it’s time to move that newly created Shining Plant that was just created. If you look at the island on the bottom-left, you’ll see another Shining Plant on the Super Cursed Land. Place your free one above it. Now three merge those two with the one from the island to the screen’s bottom right by overlapping it. This will create one Radiating Plant.

Tap on the Area Blessers and tap on the nests to get the eggs. Merge your Butterphant and your Unicorn Eggs in groups of five. Now, merge the Radiating Plant you created above with two more that you will find on the right side of the Witch Huts in Super Cursed Land.

Tap again on that Area Blesser. Tap the Witch Huts four times to get four witches. Then send all your creatures and redirect the creature to take care of them. You must destroy the Witch Hut on the innermost part of the cluster so that you can merge items on that spot. When the graves drop from witches being Destroyed, move the graves to the screen’s bottom middle. There are other Graves here on some Cursed Land. Set them up for merges of three on either side.

When you have removed that Witch Hut to that’s on the right side of the two Young Evergreen Trees, merge the trees in a group of three. This will create one Aged Evergreen Tree. Tap on the Area Blessers, so a Swamp Underwood’s unlocked. Use this and then merge it with the other two that are on Cursed Land. This creates one Blessed Sprout.

Home Stretch: Thank Goodness It’s Almost Done!

Once you have merged both graves at the level’s bottom center in a group of three, tap on the Area Blesser. This will unlock two Tiny Ponds. Now you want to take the Blessed Sprout that was created in the last paragraph up to the island in the top middle and then merge it in a group of three with two others on the Cursed Land.

If you have trouble finding them, you’ll find them directly on the Tiny Pond’s right. Remember that Swap Underwood you unlocked? Now you want to merge it with two others on the close-by Cursed Land to create a group of three. This will give you another Blessed Sprout. Once you have three merged both Graves on the level’s bottom center, tap on the Area Blessers and unlock two Tiny Ponds.

Now, move that Blessed Sprout you’ve created to the island in the top middle. Then merge it with the two others you will find on the Cursed Land on the right of a Tiny Pond. If those blessings from your Evergreen Trees weren’t prosperous and you can’t complete this, don’t despair.

Move your Aged Evergreen Tree to the island in the level’s top-middle in the upper right-hand corner. Then tap on it to release the blessings before merging your Blessed Sprouts. Merge the two Tiny Ponds with the one on the island at the top-center. This will create one Shallow Pool.

This you want to move to the four in a group next to the Broken Mythical Idols. Merge them into a group of five. Finish up by tapping on the Area Blesser, and then merge the three Broken Mythical Idols to complete the challenge and win. Wow! What a challenge that was! But we did warn you that it wasn’t a very easy one to do!

As you can see, there are many things to remember when doing Challenge 22 in Merge Magic. But that is why we are here. We want to help you through the challenging levels of the video games you love. So, ensure you return to find out what is new on our site. You won’t be disappointed!

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