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How to Beat Challenge 19 in Merge Magic

Hello! We’re here at Neural Gamer with another Merge Magic Challenge walkthrough. Today we are going through Challenge 19. Merge Magic Challenge 19 is a reasonably straightforward challenge, so it’s not going to take long to get through it. Let’s look at it, shall we?

Challenge 19, also called Level 133, has a compass cost of 4. This challenge’s goal is to create a Mythical Idol, and the goal stars are to create 2 Treant Babies, 1 Mineral Rock, and 1 Witch Grave. The potential rewards for this challenge are Shallow Pool, Griffin Egg, and Mineral Rock.

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Challenge 27 Walkthrough

First, tap on the Blessing Orb and merge five Treant Eggs. Tap on the Peacat Nest, then merge three or five Peacat eggs. Next, destroy the Witch Hut and any of the witches that spawn. Then merge three Rocky Underwood, three Swamp Underwood, and three Blessed Sprout.

Harvest the Blessed Sprout to get two Minor Blessings, and merge these with the two on the Cursed Land on the left. This will activate the Area Blesser. Now, merge three Small Stone Monuments, three Stone Monuments, and three Fine Stone Monuments.

Harvest the Great Stone Statue to get two Druid Stones. Then merge these with the one on Cursed Land at the right. This will activate the Area Blesser. Then merge three Pile of Druid Stones and three Bundle of Druid Stones. Tap on the Ancient Temple to get one Mineral Stone and merge with the two near the top on Cursed Land. Tap on the Area Blesser. Merge the three Broken Idols.

That’s all there is to finishing Challenge Merge Magic. Thank you for reading our walkthrough, and please feel free to explore our other game posts. We have posted many helpful posts about games on our site, and we hope that you will stick around and see what else we have to offer.

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