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How to Beat Challenge 20 in Merge Magic

Today we are continuing to go through the Challenges in Merge Magic. The blog we are bringing to you today talks about Merge Magic Challenge 20. It’s one of the trickier challenges, so get ready for a real challenge when you do this one.

Challenge 20, also called level 138, has a compass cost of 3. The goal is to create one Mythical idol and the goal stars are to merge the Tiny Ponds and Shallow Pools and create one Young Blessed Tree. The potential rewards are a Stone Fragment, a Minotaur Egg, and a Stone Monument.

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Challenge 20 Walkthrough

First, look for Swamp Underwood. You’ll find it in the upper lefthand corner. There are also some on an island beside it. Merge them all together. Then you want to merge the Rocky Underwood. You’ll find it on the top left-hand island. Create one Blessed Flower by merging the Blessed Sprouts. 

Take that Blessed Flower and merge it with those on the top island’s Super Cursed Land. After activating that Area Blesser, merge that Butterphant egg you’ll find on the island on the upper-middle left with those two that became available. Then merge that Blessed Bloom and the ones below.

Use your Butterphant to harvest some Blessing Orbs. Activate them as required. Just be careful that you are using them just on the Cursed Land instead of close to the Super Cursed Land. Begin in the upper right-hand corner. Merge three Blessed Flowers to get a Blessed Bloom. Then merge it with those below it. 

Tap on the Unicorn Nest to get the eggs and merge them. Merge the Enchanted Stumps (you’ll find more on the island in the lower-middle-right). This is going to release one Floating Stone and one Weak Bright Stone. Merge the Floating Stones (you’ll find more on the island above it.) Then merge the Weak Bright Stone with the ones on the center island. This will release one Forest Underwood. 

Merge this with those on the island in the upper-middle-right. You’ll find a Floating Stone in the upper left. Merge it with the ones on the island in the lower-middle-left. This will release one Tiny Pond. Merge this with those on the island in the upper-middle-right. Now, merge the Weak Bright Stone that’s on the island in the upper left with those on the island in the lower left. Activate an Area Blesser.

You’ll find Shallow Pools on the island in the lower left. So, it’s time to merge them. Then merge your Faint Spirit Rocks. You’ll find more on the island in the lower middle-left. Merge your Fine Enchanted Stumps to free a Witch Grave. Make a merge of three of them with the one you’ll find in the screen’s bottom corner. 

Merge your Cursed Witch Graves and the one on the Super Cursed Land, then activate your Area Blesser. Destroy all of the Evil Statues and merge the Broken Mythical Idols to win the challenge. This is the end of the challenge. If you have followed our instructions, you should have had no problems. 

This is how you beat Merge Magic Challenge 20. If you love Merge Magic and other games like it, keep returning to our website. We love games and are always trying to think of new ways to help gamers like yourself. We are really excited about some of the new posts we have coming up, so stay tuned.

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